Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is MY reality..

Reality for me is that you can't save them all. I guess what my co-worker did has me really down because of the horrible things I have seen lately. I still can't talk about it without crying.

I have poor little Earl who has scares on his head, is affraid of life, looks beat down and damaged and I know he spent his life making babies so some asshole could make a few bucks. He has come a long way in just the short time that I have had him but everyday I pick him up, kiss him, hug him and whisper in his ear "no one will ever hurt you again!" I only hope he understands.

I had to put to sleep the CUTES JRT you have ever seen last week. I mean CUTE! He was mean.. one minute fine, the next minute watch out! I had to take back to the shelter a JRT on Saturday because it was nasty with me and bit my foster home twice. Yesterday Gloria my rescue partner got a JRT / Chihuahua mix from the Henry County shelter. She said it was beautiful but she couldn't get near the dog. Gloria said the dog was in the mind set of "I am going to get you before you get me." It was obviously total fear but there isn't anything we can do at that point. The dog was so badly abused that there was no hope in sight.

It is one thing if we were keeping the dog forever and another when you expect someone to adopt it. Ya know?

I just see so many horrible things that 1 person who I thought actually listened to what I go through, buying a dog from a Pet Store just broke me.

On Oct 7th. There will be yet another dog acution.... See information below....

1. Wed., October 7, 2009 Buckeye Dog Auction.

Below is a summary of the *389 companions (89 males, 300 females; all dogs under four years of age) expected to be placed on the auction block beginning next Wednesday at approximately 2:00 PM:

Affen Pincher 0 0 0
Bichon Frise 49 4 45
Boston Terrier 3 2 1
Cairn Terrier 9 1 8
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3 3 0
Chihuahua 14 5 9
Cocapoo 1 0 1
Cocker Spaniel 9 1 8
Collie 0 0 0
Coton De Tulear 0 0 0
English Bulldog 0 0 0
Fox Terrier 0 0 0
French Bulldog 1 1 0
Golden Retriever 0 0 0
Havanese 22 2 20
Havanese Mix 1 0 1
Japanese Chin 0 0 0
Lhasa Apso 10 4 6
Maltese 36 9 27
Mini Dachshund 27 3 24
Mini Pincher 2 2 0
Mini Schnauzer 11 0 11
Mixed Breeds 0 0 0
Papillon 0 0 0
Parti Poodle 5 1 4
Pekingese 3 0 3
Pomeranian 4 2 2
Poodle (Toy and Mini) 36 9 27
Poodle (Standard) 1 1 0
Pug 6 3 3
Schnauzer 0 0 0
Shetland Sheepdog 3 0 3
Shibu Unu 0 0 0
Shih Tzu 53 10 43
Silky Terrier 3 3 0
Toy Fox Terrier 0 0 0
Parti Yorkshire Terrier 2 2 0
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 1 0 1
West Highland White Terrier 15 4 11
Yorkshire Terrier 59 17 42
TOTAL 389 89 300

*South Central PA breeders with consigned dogs at this sale:

Ammon Martin
Aquilla Blank
Dan Esh
Daniel Stoltzfus
Ella Mae Zimmerman
James Zimmerman
John Fisher
Loren Nolt
Nathan Myer
Sam Stoltzfus
Steve Stoltzfus
Wayne Sensenig

Click here to view their USDA licenses - > http://www.nppmwatch.com/A_cert_holders2009.pdf

Click here to view their USDA Animal Welfare Inspection Reports - > http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_welfare/inspection_list.shtml

You may be interested to know that a 2009 report issued by the USDA has confirmed Ohio ranks seventh among the top 10 states with the largest number of USDA Class A licensed 'commercial' breeders:

1. MO - 1,370
2. OK - 498
3. IA - 322
4. AR - 308 (was 5th in 2008)
5. KS - 291 (was 4th in 2008)
6. PA - 202
7. OH - 161 (a 500% increase in the number of Class A licensed "commercial" breeders just five years ago!)
8. NE - 142
9. SD - 102 (was 10th in 2008)
10. TX - 91 (was 9th in 2008)

2. BanOhioDogAuctions.com. BanOhioDogAuctions does not promote or encourage individuals or groups to purchase dogs from auctions or directly from puppy mill breeders. For a great many (and a growing number) of us, initiating efforts to ban the auctions is one way to take away the demand, and we strongly believe introducing legislation similar to that of PA's statute 459-603 will impact the mills. In our opinion, as long as you have a buyer, there is always a need for the seller.

With that said, Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions will continue working with local, state and national animal advocacy groups to actively address - through investigations, education, media relations and legislative involvement - Ohio dog auctions and their relationship to puppy mills and pet homelessness.

If you would like to share your concerns regarding the Farmerstown Dog Auctions, I would encourage you to:

1. Write (or fax) letters to the Holmes County Commissioners (Joe Miller, Ray Feikert and Rob Ault) asking them to support a ban on Ohio dog auctions. Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in HolmesCounty until this event no longer takes place in their community!

The contact information is:

2 Court Street, Ste 14
Millersburg, OH 44654-2001
Phone: 330-674-0286
Fax: 330-674-0566

E-mail: hcc@co.holmes.oh.us

SAMPLE LETTER - Please personalize the email message by expressing your opinion in your own words; it's much more effective!

Dear Commissioners Miller, Feikert and Ault:

Over the past nine years, my husband and I have made numerous trips to HolmesCounty to purchase cheeses, baked goods, quilts and furniture. I have also been a frequent customer at many of the numerous restaurants in HolmesCounty. We have enjoyed our stays at the local accommodations, taking longs weekends and summer vacations there.

BUT no more! Until I learn that the Dog Auctions have been discontinued, I will not be visiting or spending money in your community!

Please be aware that I have asked all of my family, friends and elected officials to do the same.

2. Ask the same from all your friends (don't forget to include your vet!), family, co-workers and state elected officials - http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/!

Thanks everyone for your continued dedication to serving as a strong voice for the dogs!


Prairie Runner said...

Those Zimmermans are a pretty poor bunch of breeders. I don't understand why those Ohio Inspectors allow the poor conditions to remain that way. Is the inspector Tracy Gavidia getting kickbacks from them? Throughout their reports you see 'Remains Uncorrected'. If someone could drive by the facility or visit it and then call in a complaint to the USDA about the conditions ( any of the many listed on the inspection report) the USDA has to handle complaints from the public and it gives them priority.

IMHO, the worst breeders should be gotten after by the public via USDA complaints and if necessary public demonstrations at their churches and in their neighborhoods. Without the force of law to prevent these grossly neglectful conditions from happening in USDA licensed facilities the concerned public needs to make it a bigger problem than it currently is for the USDA and breeders. The Zimmerman's (1072 Snake Road Shelby, OH) would be a great place to start.

Rementilla said...

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Volunteer said...

I faxed a letter to the comissioners. I think we should teach Mizuno to pull a buggy and take him down there for a protest!

I wish people read my blog. Hmph...

topshot said...

I just adopted a 5.5 month old puppy that was bred by Wayne Sensenig. It was sold to a pet store in only fair condition. It then went through 2 owners. Finally it was GIVEN AWAY. Fortunately it was given to me, where it will find a lifetime home. I am going to the vet today and hope and pray that it won't have lifelong medical problems, but that's the risk we take with rescue.

Brenda Adams said...

Is this blog still active? I see the last comment was in 2016. Wondering how the dog adopted by topshot is doing. I am a foster failure as I adopted a Mini. Schnauzer from a mill in Ohio. Hank is a wonderful sweet 8 yo. My email has changed brendaadams461@gmail.com

Becca said...

I would love to talk to TOPSHOT. We are currently dealing with Wayne Sensenig, the breeder in Dundee, NY and his bids to enlarge his puppy mill, along with his father John Sensenig working with him at his address/holding a NYS dealer's license and selling puppies even though he plead guilty to animal cruelty in PA. FB Page STOP puppy mills in the Finger Lakes, and Attorney Susan Chana Lask stopped some of the enlargement, but he's still there operating. Please touch in with us ASAP Topshot.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this group. I am very confused when I heard the story on the breeder from Dundee. Is it father son? Wayne has or has not been convicted of animal cruelty charges? The newspaper is for or against the breeder adding to his farm? In hopes someone is following this page I'll look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

Dog Rescuer said...

This was 9 years ago