Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself???

It seems to me lately that people are listening to what I am saying to them. I feel like I could say to someone..... oh the dog you sent in an application for lays golden eggs and they would not even hear me.

I had an application come in that was really good. A single retired guy... we will call him Frank. Anyways, I call Frank leave a message, email him my phone number and I don't hear from him. A few days later I try calling him again and emailing him again. Still nothing. I send an email that says "Thank you for your application. I have been trying to reach you and since I haven't heard back I am going to delete your application so I don't keep bothering. If you are still interested please reply back to this email. Thank you."

I do that all the time because I don't want to keep bothering someone who has changed their mind. Ya know?

He mails me back. FOR SURE interested. He is coming from 3 hours away so he asks me if he can have a discount because he has to drive???!! WTF! NO, I am not a department store dude. Dogs don't go on "sale" Well at Pet Land they dog... I want throw up every time I see "PUPPY SALE" It should say under it all puppies 1/2 off and 1/2 dead. UGH!

Anyways, I told him nicely as I could NO the adoption fee is to help cover their medical expenses...

Then he asked me if a particular dog was pure bred. I explained to him we are a rescue so to us and the vet they look pure breed but who knows.

I told him the story of this lady who adopted a JRT from me. The JRT came with AKC Papers saying he was a pure JRT. Of course I traced the papers back to a puppy mill in Ohio that sells to Pet Land. Anyways, I threw the papers out. WORTHLESS! The new owner for fun had him DNA tested... he came back a Rat Terrier Chihuahua.

So, who wants some JRT"s papers for there NOT SO MUCH A JRT???!! Apparently you can get them... LOL!!

That didn't phase him at all..... he then asked about another dog. Is it PURE BREED??? Explained to him AGAIN where we get our dogs from...... He asked SEVERAL MORE TIMES! I finally said to him.

"This is the last time I am going to EVER answer your question about a dog being pure breed. We are NOT the breeders, we get these dogs from KILL SHELTERS ON KILL DAY! There is no guarantee they are "pure breed" and we will not guarantee it. If we think a dog maybe a mix we will state it in their bio. Do not ask us again."

There was more to the email because there were a few other issues with the guy DEMANDING things but I won't get into that.... I told the guy he is more then welcome to come to my house to meet some of the dogs and that he should be more concerned with a personality / behavior match then if the dog is pure breed.

I haven't heard back from him... LOL!!

I am dealing with another guy right now that doesn't seem to want to listen either. He is interested in adopting TWO of my puppies. I explained to him that two puppies are a bad idea and sent him an article listing all the reasons why it is a bad idea. Do you know he sent me back and email saying he wanted to adopt TWO. I emailed him and said you live XXX which is about 7 hours from me. We do not transport our dogs you would have to come to me. And he said he would make the drive for them. THEM???!! WHAT??? THEM??

What part of TWO puppies at the same time is a bad idea do you not understand? UGH!

I emailed him back and flat out asked him if he read the article I sent him about who TWO PUPPIES ARE A BAD IDEA

I told him I will not adopt out two dogs or puppies to the same home and the same time. UGH! Waiting to hear what he has to say.

I think I am going to deny his application just because he doesn't seem to listen and if he gets one of mine he will just turn around and get another one from someone else and then I end up with the dog back when it is 2 years old and completely out of control. NO THANK YOU!

Oh and here is a good one for you............ My dog Petey is my dog for many reasons. 1 of them being because he is mildly aggressive. I am a dog person, I can control it and I have never had any problems. I LOVE my Petey and kinda of like his mean streak.. LOL! I know if I was in my yard and someone tried to hurt me Petey would do some damage.

Anyways, so this mom and son came out to see Skittles. They haven't owned a dog before. The son really wants a dog. They played with Skittles and walked him around and were really liking him.

I walked over to them of course Petey was following me. I was standing talking to them and Petey barked at me. Which he does when he wants me to go 4 - wheeling. We are working on getting him to STOP doing that. He is getting into big trouble for barking at me. Anyways, he barked at me.. I think is startled the women a bit who was holding Skittles. This upset Skittles and he barked back. Then I took the leash from the women to tell Skittles it was ok. Skittles was just doing his dog duty of "leave my people alone." Skittles went over to Petey and being a small dog jumped up to sniff Petey. Well Petey was in a mood and got nasty with Skittles. I had to yell at Petey and remove Petey from Skittles as he had him pinned to the ground.

UGH! PETEY! He got in big trouble for that one.

I talked to the lady and her son for a few more minutes. They said they would come back Friday for Skittles. OK great!

Thursday I get an email from her that says "I am sorry to tell you but my husband (who wasn't at my house mind you) is not comfortable with Skittles aggression."

WTF!!!!!!! My dog is the asshole not Skittles.

I emailed her back and told her that I am sorry she feels this way since it was my dogs bad behavior not Skittles. I told her that I take aggression VERY seriously and if I feel a dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs I put them down ASAP! I told her 3 dogs in the last week have been put down in our rescue because of aggression issues.

I also told the lady if she would like to have her husband meet Skittles at the foster home and or talk to the foster home I can have the foster home call her.

I have not heard back.. I think what the email really means is "We know NOTHING ABOUT DOGS and we got another dog."

I spoke to the foster home who laughed hysterically that anyone would think Skittles is aggressive. She was like "He doesn't even bark! Even when the other dogs are barking at something." She said even if the lady said Yea, I want to talk to the foster home, the foster home said NOPE they can't have Skittles if they can't see what an awesome dog he is.

I have had 3 adoptions fall through this week all for stupid reasons. One being Skittles... the other two are SO LAME not worth explaining.. LOL!

It totally stinks when you talk to someone and they are all excited about a dog and want to see it right away and ask if they can take it home they day they meet it and I re arrange my entire life so they can come ASAP and then they say "we are going to think about it" AND NEVER NEVER CALL OR EMAIL OR ANYTHING!

Just be honest.. if you changed your mind or got another dog FINE. But at least let me know.

I have gotten pretty good at feeling people out. The one family that came over to see a dog said they were going to go home and think about it.. as they pulled out of the driveway I said "We will not hear from them again" that was Monday today is Saturday... I haven't even received an email saying "we aren't interested." UGH!

I wish adoptions would start to pick up. I have 9 week old puppies with NO APPLICATIONS! How is that possible???!!!


Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Oh, yes...and then, on Friday, a woman and her children show up to look at two dogs. She has emailed me, followed up on my suggestions about one of the dogs by reading other blogs on her yet still wanted to see her. Lady Bird has fear aggression toward other dogs but not people. This woman walked LB w/her 3 y/o and 7 y/o sons. The 3 y/o poked LB's face - no reaction. This woman is a true dog person - LB went right up to her, gently putting her face into her hands. I could have cried. They all came back the next day and adopted the young female Beagle, who truthfully will work out better in their family w/their other dog but OMG, I wanted this woman to take LB as she GOT IT. But, she was pragmatic, she liked her but she was aware of the big picture. I want this woman and her husband cloned. They are out there - they just don't show up much because they love their dogs for years despite illnesses, changes in jobs/family structure, etc. God bless these adopters.

Anonymous said...

let radio stations/TV know about all these...its a good way to educate people too!!