Saturday, October 24, 2009

Issue 2 making a descion??!!

Farmers say vote YES. Non farmers say vote NO.

This issue is going to affect farmers so why do they say YES? What I have been told is because they are afraid that if Issue 2 does not pass then those outside of Ohio will be able to tell them what to do and not to do on their farms.

Those saying vote NO are saying this because the board of 13 members will have no one to answer to and may protect those who are not treating animals in a humane way and the board can do a lot of strange things that no one can control.

All valid points. Such a hard decision. Being someone who lives on a farm, granted not a major working farm like some of those who are saying vote YES but still understand their view point. And being someone who is worried about that animals I can see where others are coming from.

My big concern is that those who have never lived on a farm and those who don't know farmers paint them all with the same brush. Not all farmers are horrible people who abuse and don't care about animals.... one big farm or one person gets in trouble and now that is how everyone does it. That just isn't true.

This is a hard one... I guess we all have to do what we think is best and take in all the facts. Let's just hope that regardless of which way this goes that animals best interests are always kept in the forefront.

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Dog Rescuer said...

if you have nothing helpful to say regarding Issue 2 then I will delete your comment. I am sick and tired of nasty comments and mean people.

if you have information or facts you would like to share to help people understand issue 2, please feel free to post.