Friday, October 16, 2009


This is why there is an over population of dogs and cats. People want what they want and they want it NOW. Why work for anything??? We are a got to have it at our figure tips, go to have it now type of society. I am not saying I am innocent here..... I feel lost without my cell phone, without text messaging, I have little patiences when I have to wait for someone or for something EXCEPT for when it comes to things that I think are "LIFE CHANGING"

For example GETTING A DOG!!!!!!!!!

My husband always says to me "call them back", "email them back", etc. He always tells me that I need to follow up with people but you know what my thought is "If they really truly wanted the dog / puppy they would call ME, they would email ME."

I am not selling a product, I am adopting out a living breath creature who I have poured my heart and soul into, who I have sacrificed for I don't want it going to someone who might not want it, might not love it, might not be happy to have him/her. It is a big responsibility, a big commitment to adopt a dog and if they people aren't ready I am not going to pressure them.

On the flip side of that I also deal with the people that regardless of what I say THEY HAVE TO HAVE THAT DOG! You said you want a dog that is housebroke, the dog isn't housebroken. You wanted a dog to play with your other dog, this dog is more of a loner. You want a black lab, this is a Min Pin mix. You want a dog good with cats, this dog HATES cats.

They don't care.......... "I just love that face!" "It looks like my old dog" "it's cute" Oh that is great but the dog is also everything you said YOU DIDN'T WANT!

The concept behind what I do as a rescue person is to take unwanted dogs and find them homes where they will be wanted FOREVER not just until the novelty of having a dog wears off.

I can't tell you how many dogs I have held in my arms and said OH I WANT TO KEEP YOU. Is that fair to the dog? NO. Is that fair to me? NO. So, I find the dog a home it will be the happiest in. Does it suck b/c I want to keep the dog.. YES! HELLO Uno.. I want to keep him so bad but I know darn well with all the dogs that I rescue I don't have time to train a puppy and he is NOT going to get what he needs from me. Will he be happy sure but could he be happier somewhere else YES! And deep down I know that so I have to let him go.

People are so selfish they can't seem to see that though. Do you really think it is easy to tell someone NO? Do you really think it is fun? Well if you do then please volunteer to approve and deny applications because to be honest is SUCKS!

Sometimes you just like someone so much and you want them to have a dog so bad but you know that they dog they like is TOTALLY wrong for them. The dog isn't going to be happy and the person will probably end up not happy and where does that leave me?? Feeling like an asshole for matching someone up with a dog they don't like and getting it back in 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year and having to find it a home all over again but now it has behavior issues that I have to correct first because either the person did not know how to handle the dog or because the dog is depresses / confused now that is lost yet another home!

It must be nice to be a breeder and actually make money at this and not give a shit where your dogs go, who is happy, who is healthy, hell who is being humanely treated and who is dead!

It must also be nice to be the people who don't have a clue and think I am just some mean nasty bitch who is trying to ruin their lives by not allowing them to get a dog they want. It must be nice not to care about my feelings and that writing me an email to tell me that I am a horrible person and how they are going to go buy a dog from a Pet Store and be ok with doing that. You know what just come to my house and slap me in the face..... it would hurt less, plus then I could slap you back. LOL!

I am just sick or rude, nasty, ignorant people.

Hey guess what NEWS FLASH I have been denied to adopt a dog. Before I ever got into rescue. But lucky for me the person who denied me educated me in why....... which is also what I try to do and I understood, I wasn't happy but I saw their side of things. It would have been a bad match....... I didn't swear at them, call them names and write a belittling email to them. It was their dog and they were doing what was best for the dog. Apparently I am the only person who can see 2 sides to every story! Apparently I am the only person who realizes that sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don't! Apparently I am the only person who sees shades of grey!

Uno's family said they would come today, Friday.... I haven't heard from them :-(

AND the person that wrote me a nasty email about how they didn't get the dog they wanted in the time frame they wanted...... just to let you know....... the dog isn't mine. It was a courtesy post for another rescue so I actually had NOTHING to do with the application. The women emailed me and belittled me and I didn't even know this women existed until she did that.


Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

LOVE this post as I just have been reading St. Louis Senior Dog Project's blog talking about having dogs we want to keep and yet, we know they will be better in their own appropriate home. I told someone yesterday when we did a dog exchange (1 senior sweet Beagle + 1 young terrier mix sponsored for HW tx for a yound English Coonhound to me) that I am a terrible rescuer as I want to keep so many of my dogs and I CANNOT - it is why I tried to stop adopting and went formally into rescue in the first place. Keep the faith! Others will at some time know the truth as I always did NOT but I am willing to learn :).

LilliGirl said...

You are SO NOT the only one. Keep up the good work!

Marcy Duquette said...

I go home every night greeted by the cute black and white dog that you loved enough to keep but also loved enough to give to me. I cherish my dog and I'm sincerely greatful to you for doing what you do. I never knew until reading your blogs and seeing your facebook the drama involved in what you do, but I can honestly say that it is worth it. Nothing this worth while is ever easy, unfortunetly.