Monday, October 19, 2009

Can you take my JRT....

That seems to be a theme lately. I had 5 emails today from people wanting to give up their JRT's. 8 years old, 7 years old on special food for liver issues, 2 years old....... they all seemed like nice dogs too. I did not receive any of the emails that just make me cringe "I have a very sweet loving JRT who has bitten." Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron to you?

Things are tough. I had an adoption event this weekend and only 2 of my puppies found homes :-( I still have 4 sweet babies looking for homes. They will be 12 weeks on Wed and I just want to cry because they are still with me. They are growing up living in a kennel environment. How sad is that? I so wish I could find them homes... wait let me re phrase that GOOD HOMES. **Sigh**

Paige did find a home on Saturday. So, one adult dog and 2 puppies. That leaves me with

Puppy #1
Puppy #3
Puppy #5

And there are two that I am getting fixed (one is for sure a JRT.. the other I am not sure). They are from Carrol County pound and the Carrol County volunteers pulled them and have them in boarding. They were going to get put down. I would LOVE to help but I don't know where I would put them. IF I could get the puppies adopted then I would have room.......

I am feeling a bit helpless. I have people being nasty to me, some Pets Pajamas employee or the owner harassing me about Pets Pajamas not buying from puppy mills... whatever! Like a legitimate breeder is going to let their puppies go to a pet store... Yea, Ok!

If Pets Pajamas is so awesome why don't they take litters of puppies from shelters and ADOPT THEM OUT! Applications, spayed / neutered, full vetted. Adoption fee can be a bit higher say $300 or $400 to help pay for the rent on the building........... Oh wait they aren't doing that because that doesn't make money. Sorry, forgot!

Just a bit discouraged sometimes when so many need help and none are getting adopted.

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~Andeelyn~ said...

Seriously You have got to be kidding me there is documented proof that they were at the dog auction and what pregnant dogs they purchased. Who ever is harassing you better be careful before their asses land in hot water :) Some people just need to crawl back under their rocks and keep their mouths shut! Don't be discouraged we are right there with ya!!