Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will anyone get adopted?

I feel horrible.. stupid swine flu.. just kidding. I don't have the swine flu but I feel like crap. But that doesn't matter still have to take care of all my animals.

I am hoping this weekend turns out to be a good weekend for a few of my dogs. The emails for help keep pouring in but I have no room to help anyone. :-(

The guy for Uno finally came out tonight and met him. He and his wife are going to go home and sleep on it. OH GOD I don't think I can take for another adoption to fall through.... I so so so hope they are going to adopt him.

I hopefully have someone coming over to see Mac this weekend and I have someone scheduled to come meet a few of the dogs and see who their dog gets along with. Paws crossed their dog likes someone and paws crossed the people for Mac get back to me on if they want to come see him on Saturday.

Oh and I have someone I am waiting to hear back from about the brindle puppy. They live in PA though so I am a little worried they won't want do drive this far..... OH man I so wish some dogs get adopted.

I am still trying to figure out how to help two dogs from Carroll County that the volunteers put into boarding and my "dogs in need" folder is so full in my email right now... UGH! I can't even begin to look at all of them b/c it makes me cry.

I hope things pick up soon.

Oh and on the issue 2 thing.... I am still thinking vote yes but I am still reading everything everyone sends me.. how confusing...


Cheryl in PA said...

Amy, don't worry about the people from PA, if they like the dog, they will travel. I did. Mo now Moose is doing great. I wish I could adopt another one, but I don't think Moose would like to share me.

Gulliver said...

Check out the cute pictures I took today! I put them in my 'Rescue Dog' album on facebook! Uni is a great pup, they would be stupid not to take him. I mean come on, best dog ever!!! I am quite excited to meet Reno and Tito! This is going to be awesome! I am going to be over this weekend and we might have a new volunteer so that is a plus!! Take a deep breath, nyquil and GO TO SLEEP!! I'll be over tomorrow and I'll take care of the puppies.