Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good news

Well I spoke with the family that was interested in my Uno. They are probably going to come on Friday to see him. YEA! He sent me an email last night which I got today saying he want to come mee the little guy. Asked me if I had any more pictures of him and I said I could send him a cell phone video. I got back Oh my goodness........ lol

So, that is good. That dog is crazy cute!

I had a lady call me today that works with one of the volunteers cousins. She seemed really nice and was interested in Paige. Oh that would be wonderful!

Also, received an email from someone interested in Mac. I sent him the application....... hopefully he sends it back and it is a good one.

Oh I really want these dogs to get homes.......... PAWS CROSSED!

So, today will be a fun day. I have to collect poop! I need to get everyone fecal tested well not everyone just George, Billy and Tucker so that I can make sure they are clear.. oh.. and the puppies.

My husband is going to love me.. he is going to have to take the poop in tomorrow.. LOL!!


~Andeelyn~ said...

ROFL i collected poop last week now its your turn. Keeping the paws crossed that they all get adopted!!

k8_is_great said...

In our home we call it Poop Patrol, and I usually farm out that responsibility to Alexander... Yea for kids! ;)