Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The phone never rang..

I have received a lot of emails, text messages, facebook posts, etc. People wondering, hoping that the phone rang.


Needless to say I am sad. Maybe he will call tonight or tomorrow....maybe I will get an email saying he will come to meet Uno.

All my babies are special to me and I want the best for each of them but I really really really want to keep Uno and I will only let him go to a home that I am 200% sure will be the best of the best of the best of homes and honestly THIS GUY IS IT!

I just feel disappointed because when I take these dogs from the shelters I tell each and every single one of them.... I know they are dogs but I still think that if I tell them enough they will believe me... I tell each one

I feel like I am not keeping my promise, I feel like I am failing AND I HATE TO FAIL when I can't find them a home. I mean they all find homes BUT I think 30 days is way too long to be without a family, without someone to love you.... really one day is too long but I need to be realistic.

I just want my dogs (aka my kids) to be happy. I really want everyone to be happy and I get really down when people / animals aren't happy. Although I know they are probably OK at my house and too them living there isn't too bad. They get food, fresh water, treats, all the running they desire on 16 acres, toys and each other but if they had a family they would like that better. They would get a couch, a tv, MORE hugs and kisses then I can give them and one on one attention. So, they don't know it but they will be happier not living at my house... LOL

Well wish me luck, cross your paws and say your prayers that this Saturday is a successful one. Lots of dogs get adopted and families are happy with their new family member. And if anyone wants to come out an help. I can use the help. There will be myself, my rescue partner in Toledo and my rescue friend there with dogs... probably around 30 dogs maybe more looking for homes.

Hoping for good people to come.

My rescue partner in Toledo is a bit worried. She received an application from someone in the town where the adoption event is taking place that wants the dog to live outside full time. Although to each their own and as long as a dog is not CHAINED up.... oh I hate that.... if someone wants a dog to live outside full time then go for it. Who am I to tell you what to do. I wouldn't personally do it but whatever. I realize I have dogs in kennels outside but NOT during the winter and it is temporary... hey they could be dead so you pick.. outdoor kennel or dead... Yea, that is what I thought.. outdoor kennel.

HOWEVER, for the dogs and the puppies that we have put so much time and money and effort into we really want them to be house dogs.

I have only one time allowed a dog to be adopted that was going to be an outdoor dog. That was Skipper an Australian Cattle Dog. She was a bit strange as I am sure she was abused and the person adopting her lived on a Cattle Farm and wanted a barn dog that would hang out with him while he worked in the barn and ride around in his truck with him.... Yea, well Skipper was an AWESOME farm dog. So, I was 100% ok with that.

But in a development, with a kennel in your backyard... I don't think so. That is so not nice. I don't care if the dog house is heated.

At least with Skipper she had like over 100 acres to run out, barns to run in and out of, people coming and going and other animals to keep her company. She wasn't just put in a kennel in the back yard and basically only paid attention to when barking or being feed.

I am to the mind set that nothing in this world is black and white and sometimes there is grey. I listen to every one's story / situation and make a judgement if I think #1 my dog will be loved, #2. Safe #3 cared for and #4 (the most important) HAPPY. If I can say YES YES YES AND YES then I am ok with adopting to that person. Some rescue people don't like me b/c of that..... people get denied to adopt b/c they once had a dog hit by a car, they don't have a fenced yard, they off the leash train a dog, they have never owned a dog before, etc. Ok now that is JUST STUPID!

A lady I worked with was denied to adopt because she worked over 30 minutes from her home. They rescue organization actually told her that if she got a new job closer to home they would allow her to adopt. They even sent her a list of companies closer to her house........ WTF!!!??? She was an Executive Director, not a clerk at a store! Whatever!

Well I am still waiting for the phone to ring..........


House of the Discarded said...

I have to admit that I'm VERY surprised that you'd adopt to someone who wants an "outdoor dog". I mean...what the hell is the point of having an outdoor dog? Why would you have an outdoor dog unless it's a sled dog.

Would love clarification...I'm a cat rescuer, not a dog rescuer. :)

Dog Rescuer said...

House of the Discarded - I do not adopt out to people who have dogs living outside... like in a kennel or chained out or something like that. I have ONE TIME adopted a dog out to live on a farm. Unless you live on a farm and understand farm life you may not fully understand but a farm dog has a GREAT LIFE! They have free run of the barns, many animals to keep them busy and get to go for truck rides all the time, hang out on the wagon when bailing hay, etc.

Skipper was an Australian Cattle Dog. She was breed for farm living. SHE HATED THE HOUSE! Being in the house for her was like being in trouble. The person that adopted her lived on a HUGE cattle farm and Skipper is his world. He goes NO WHERE without Skipper and Skipper even follows him around everywhere. He has sent me pictures and Skipper is very happy.

Skipper is NEVER kenneled left to just sit by herself, she is NEVER chained up to a dog house, etc.

The only difference between Skipper and every other dog I have ever adopted out is that at night Skipper goes in the cattle barn and sleeps. Every other dog goes in the house and sleeps.

Skipped wouldn't want to go in the house even if he wanted her too. LOL! His girlfriend did email me and say that Skipper opted for the garage Jan '09 when it was really cold out but didn't want to come in the house.

Skipper probably gets more attention then any indoor dog.

Not everything in black and white.. somethings are grey and Skipper is my grey.

House of the Discarded said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify things. You're right! I have little to no understanding regarding farm dogs. The way you described it, makes ME want to be a farm dog! It sounds like a fabulous life. :) :)

Thanks again for the clarification :)


Dog Rescuer said...

Beth / House of the Discarded -

I am glad what I wrote made sense... sometimes things are so hard to explain via writting..LOL!!

I had an Aussie who litterally ONLY slept in the house.. he hated being in the house. My dog Petey is the same way.. he goes outside and just lays around in the driveway, next to the garage, in the barn.. doesn't matter it if is hot, raining or snowing... crazy dog!