Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to spay / neuter your dog


Every Sunday I receive the "kill list" The list is from just a few pounds in Ohio... 3 maybe 4 county pounds out of 88! The list usually has about 80 plus dogs on it. The list is called a "kill list" because the dogs not taken will be killed on Friday morning. This list is where I first saw my dog Petey. Who at this moment is basically laying on my lap.

Petey is a great dog. Not 100% sure how old he is.. maybe 4 years old the vet guessed. I got him last year on my birthday. He was already housebroken, crate trained, knew basic commands. Petey is a GREAT dog. Of course was not neutered, he is now :-)

The profile picture on my blog is Petey's "kill" picture from the pound.

Here are some of the dogs on this weeks "kill list" So, don't tell me that only mutts or "bad" dogs find their way into shelters or that their really isn't an overpopulation problem or that YOUR breed of dog isn't found at a shelter. Here are the pictures and some information about them......

1231 is a beautiful lab who needs your help ASAP.He is about 1 years old and weighed 54lbs when the picture was taken. Please help this guy

Beagle Picture1328 This guy is saying let me out please He is about 2 years old and just so happy and cute

Labrador Retriever Picture1352 This girl is very sweet and needs some love and a good family to show her love.She is 3 years old and 45 lbs. She is available now owner didn't have time for her

Labrador Retriever Picture1348 Now this is HUGE sweet adorable loving neutered 148 lbs pure lab. And just as gentle as can be and loves belly rubs. He is great on lead and oh so very handsome

Boxer Picture1355 This girl has some separation trouble. Family thought it was cruel to put her in a crate while gone. Better than where she is now. She is a very nice well behaved lady.

Rottweiler Picture1356 This girl was so glad to get out of her kennel it took several times just to get this picture. She was found dragging a cable so she is a tie out dog but hopefully someone will make her a inside dog this time around. She is about 1 years old and weighs 60 lbs

German Shepherd Dog Picture
German Shepherd Dog Picture1360 This sweet girl needs some TLC and good food and lots of love. She is so skinny and so raw on her behind. Look for pictures of how skinny she is and her flea allergies.Please help her ASAP

Chihuahua Picture1365 This guy is so cute AND well behaved. Loves every one and is a real cudlebug

Meet lacy and her 5 puppies.They need a rescue to help them along their way to new homes. Lacy is only about 1 years old and the pups are about 3 weeks old.eyes open but no teeth as of yet.
Aren't they just adorable.She is a excellent mom and is a little scared of people but she just needs
Lots of love. Very nice girl.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture10-17-09 Belinda really needs your help. Belinda is a female yellow lab that lost her newborn pups about a week ago. She is about 1.5 years old and weighs 45-50 pounds. She craves attention!

Jack Russell Terrier Picture10-17-09 This little pack consists of 4 male Jack Russell Terrier mix pups about 6 weeks old. They are all boys. These little ones received their first bath and are being de-wormed with Panacur. They will receive their first 6 in 1 puppy shot next week. Some are smooth and some are wiry

Beagle Picture10-01-09 Cherokee is a female beagle about 25 pounds and 2 years old. She is a bit uncertain about her new surroundings at the Pound. Cherokee loves children and has an even temperament. She has a nice soft coat of white and brown.

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture10-11-09 I had a bath and like to run and play! I may try to dominate smaller dogs. Jum is a 1.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog. He weighs about 35 pounds and appears to be a purebred. He has a docked tail. Jum is friendly and attentive . He also seems to be good around other dogs. He has a nice temperament

Terrier Picture523-524 This dog will be for adoption on 10-19-2009 This dog was picked up as a stray and approx. Age is 3 mth. And it weighs approx. 10 LBS

Setter Picture09-21-09 Questor is a male, chestnut-brown Setter mix. He is about 9 months old and weighs 40-45 pounds. He has an enthusiastic temperament and is friendly. This dog has a beautiful coat and some unique face markings. He would love a new home soon!

German Shepherd Dog Picture10-17-09 Flash is a 12 week old male German Shepherd mix with a very nice looking face. He is being de-wormed with Panacur and received his 6 in 1 puppy shot 10-16-09. He is a little subdued in the Pound environment but he has a pleasant temperament. He will not be a big dog.

Chihuahua PictureMC-1 this is a male chih mix, tan with white coloring, short hair and a medium size, friendly and cute

Labrador Retriever Picture1289 This girl is about 1 years old and weighs about 40 lbs she is so pretty and well mannered.

Beagle Picture1322 This gal is so calm and so sweet.She just lays in her kennel waiting for the right person to see her and take her home. She is about 2 years old. Real nice girl

This is just a FEW of the dogs on the list... didn't want to bore you with ALL of them...

So, the next time you hear someone say they want to breed tell them about these faces who when you wake up on Saturday morning to spend time with your family.... will more then likely no longer exist. OR you think to yourself "ONE litter won't hurt anyone" please go to your local pound / local kill shelter and give each dog a cookie, look them in the face and tell them ONE litter won't hurt anyone EXCEPT THEM as they are lead to the gas chamber and killed.


And above are actually 29 reasons!


Melinda said...

where were these dogs from - and is it too late? I just saw this today...

Dog Rescuer said...

for some YES.

They are from Pike, Licking, Scioto, Perry County pounds.

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