Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting for the phone to ring....

It has been a hard few months. Adoption after adoption falling through for un known reasons, stupid reasons.....

One family came to see a dog and asked me a million times if they could adopter her the day they met her. So, I made sure to arrange for them to meet the dog right away. They were a great application and I didn't want them to loose interest or find another dog. The kids loved her, the parents seemed to like her and their dogs was fine with her. The dog sometimes hold up one leg when she runs.... it is a Jack thing. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with her. They spent an hour at my house and said we will talk about it as a family and get back to you... that was a month ago. The family did not say anything to me about the leg, I would have explained the reason why JRT's sometimes do that, I have talked to my vet about it 1 million times. It is a small dog thing... but they never said anything to me. The asked the foster home why she does that but not me. I have NEVER heard from them... isn't that rude? If you aren't interested just let me know.

Then another family well just mom and son came out to see a dog and my dog acting like an ass decide to pick a fight with him. The lady and her son spent 45 minutes with the dog and in the last 10 minutes is when this happened. They said they would come pick the dog up on Friday. On Thursday I get an email from the lady saying that her husband isn't comfortable with the dogs aggression????!! WTF???!!! The dog wasn't aggressive, my dog was being an asshole and they got into a scrap. Big deal lady. If you can't handle that don't get a dog.

I emailed her back and told her if the dog was aggressive it would be humanely euthanized. I DO NOT tolerate that... the thing about her timing with that is that I had put 3 dogs down that week for being aggressive. UGH!

I had another family come out and see the puppies and say they would call me....... NEVER HEARD A THING!

I am getting the crappiest applications for my puppies. 20 year olds working at a fast food restaurant wanting to get a dog for their girlfriend for sweetest day. Or a young couple living in an apt. where the weight restriction is 40 pounds...... mom is 30 pounds and since I don't know what dad was / is I can't guarantee the size. I am not adopting out a puppy I will get back when it hits 45 pounds.

Now I am sitting here staring at my phone waiting for this guy to call me back about one of the puppies. My favorite puppy actually. He had an awesome application and when I called the vet office they didn't even have to look up his record. I said his last name and they were like Oh XXX yea he does ANYTHING for his dogs. Apparently his last dog had cancer and he had her getting chemo for 18 months. Do you know how expensive that is???? OMG I really hope he calls back...........

I am still at work... part of me doesn't want to go home and start cleaning stalls, feeding horses, taking care of dogs.... LOL! I am just discouraged right now because nothing is getting adopted. One here, one there but I am not getting in a lot of application, people email me and I ask them follow up questions and never hear back, they come over and then drop off the face of the earth. My husband says you should follow up with them....... NO, I am not a salesmen. If they want the puppy / dog they will call me back. I want people to want them not feel obligated.

Anyways, I just feel sad for the dogs I have had for a long time. George.... he is so cool how the hell I still have him is BEYOND ME! I mean what an awesome dog, listens well, housebroken, good with other dogs, good with kids, likes to play fetch, wire hair so sheds less.. why doesn't anyone want him? I have Paige who is a sweet little girl who LOVES kids and is housebroken. I have sweet sweet Lenny who is so depressed being in foster care and not having a family that he has lost weight. I have him in a foster home now.. he was at my house... just to get weight put back on him. When he was at my house I had to watch him so closely. Every person that came up the drive he tried to jump in their car and he would follow their car down the drive looking at it like "DON'T LEAVE ME" he was so dumped on the side of the road.. classic sign. He is housebroken and is a GREAT DOG!

What the hell is wrong with them that no one wants them? What is wrong with me? Am I do something wrong?

Then I have the 9 million emails from people saying they want to get rid of their dog for one stupid reason or another. I HATE HATE HATE the people that threaten me when they email me about their dog they want to dump.

"I rescued a dog in Aug and now due to a divorce I need to find her a new home. If I do not find her a new home by the time I have to move to Mississippi on the 16th then I am taking her to the pound."

Ok lady it is your dog, take it to the pound. That is on you. You didn't know you were having marital problems in Aug. It all just started in the last week? You didn't know you were moving until the 11th when you emailed me? Seriously??

Of course I don't say that but I want to.. LOL!!

Or the people that say to me. "If I can't find a rescue to take her or a suitable home I am going to put the dog down." Ok! Fine by me, your dog, your conscious. Sorry don't mean to sound heartless but what do these people think I am going to do??? drop everything and come running to their aid?

And my favorite is "I have an aggressive dog who I can no longer trust. She is a sweet dog and would be perfect for someone who doesn't have kids and no other pets." UGH!

I am just waiting for the phone to ring hoping that the guy I talked to today calls and one of my puppies can have an awesome home...... RING PHONE RING!

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