Friday, October 23, 2009

sick sick sick

I am sick with a bad cold... it started on Sunday with a headache, Monday I felt kinda out of it, Tuesday I was coughing, Wed I had a fever, Thursday I was the same as Wed and today I feel like my head is going to explode. UGH!

On top of that I am sick b/c I have so many dogs on a waiting list 2 from Carroll County, 1 Holmes County, 2 in Trumble County and um..... that might be it.....

I received probably about 6 emails from peopling wanting to get rid of their JRT.

I would rather be sick and laying in bed then knowing all these dogs are out there without a home :-(

The guy for Uno finally came out yesterday. Met Uno and said he would follow back up with me. I am not holding my breath as that might just turn into a disappointment. Someone was supposed to come over on Sunday but something happened and now they are going to wait to adopt another dog :-( And someone was supposed to meet Mac tomorrow but they are sick... at least that one I am confident they will reschedule when she is feeling better.

I do have someone coming for one of the puppies on Tuesday. So, that is good. Driving 3 hours from PA! I have to call the vet on Monday and do a reference check but assuming everything goes well there one puppy will be going home next week! YAY!!!

Let's hope adoptions pick up soon so that I can save some more dogs!

Cross paws please......

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Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Be sure it is not the flu (sorry, I am an RN). I tell people who are interested in adopting or just asking that each time a dog is adopted, they are saving 2 - the one they adopt and the one who can now take her place; like your saving more JRTs if those you have will be adopted....get well soon.