Friday, October 16, 2009

Why do people think it is ok???

Why is it people think it is ok to be rude, nasty to me and when I try to explain something or defend myself I am the bitch?

Why do people just out of the blue email me ranting? A few weeks ago I received an email from a person (not sure if the person was male or female because they did not sign their name). The email said that they were a single person who was looking for a dog and she (assuming here) was pissed off that people who call themselves 'rescues' were selling dogs for up to $200. Nothing makes me more mad then when someone says "how much are you selling the dog for?" UGH I am not selling the dog... they are for adoption. Maybe it is just one of those little things that annoys me and I should learn to just ignore it. I just think that "selling" sounds so puppy mill. I guess that is why I hate it when people say that... I am sure 99% of the time they don't mean anything by it but it is just so insulting to me.

I have people email me ALL the time if they can have a discount on a dog or if I can take $50 off the price........... again I am not selling these dogs. I always email people back and explain why the adoption fee is what it is. Personally I think it would be more rude to email someone back and say NO
So, I explain.

We are a NOT FOR PROFIT organization that takes dogs from kill shelters. Even though the kill shelter is going to kill the dog we still have to pay to save their life. It can be anywhere from $15 - $110. We then have to worm the dog $20, front line $12 ,heartgard $15, shots with heartworm test $70 and then get the dog fixed $100 - $150. Not to mention the amount of time and gas we spend running the dogs to and from the vet. The dogs also get collar, leash, toys, bed, etc.

So, that is my normal response....

I find it COMPLETELY insulting that people ask for us to lower adoption fees? Am I wrong in feeling this way?

I guess I wouldn't really care about all the people that email me and belittle me and tell me what a horrible person I am if I wasn't so passionate about my dogs and about rescue.

I am just not sure what to do any more. I think I am going to start doing what other rescue groups do. I am just not answer people's questions any more.

I am done.


sarahsenghas said...

wow amy. i can't believe some people. do they realize that raising an animal is not a cheap endeavor? from the time, shots, monthly revolution, vet visits, grooming, food, etc. maybe they can't afford to adopt if they need a discount. all i can suggest is that you always go thru the list of things that you have already done and the cost. that should explain the price to the adoptee.
u r doing a good thing. don't get frustrated and keep up the good work:)

9258 Photo said...

I always cringe when the pound I deal with the most tells me that a dog I was working on to get into a rescue was sold. But I guess that's their mentality.

And I always thought you adopted by the dog, price wasn't a factor. If a discount is the make or break factor on whether someone adopts a dog for me, then they can't afford the dog.

Rick said...

Love what you're doing here. Love your passion. Keep it up. I want to start something in my local community rescuing dogs, mainly "bully breeds", educate people on dog population control, training, dog health and happiness.

Dog Rescuer said...

Rick -

Thanks! If you need help getting started let me know. Bully breed rescue is one of the hardest.

Rick said...

I appreciate the reply and the support. I'll need guidance for sure but I have the passion to go with it.

Evans said...

Hi Amy - my mom and I both got dogs from your rescue (when you were at Tractor Supply in Amherst back in August). I heard several people trying to "barter" with you and Gloria regarding the adoption fee. I was shocked; $200 for a fully fixed dog who is UTD on their shots is NOT too much to ask. Especially considering some dogs need more care; I have no idea how much was spent on my dog for medical care - but even if he required less than $200, it's great to think that any extra money helped another dog in need.

I give you a lot of credit; even the short amount of time I was there looking at dogs, I heard some people being completely rude and AWEFUL to you and the volunteers. I happened to stop at Tractor Supply this weekend and you guys where there - I was hoping you had a better experience. How'd it go?

PS - my mom adopted Chi Chi. She is completely in love with him, and he is doing so well. He's a happy, well taken care of little guy. I got Casper from Gloria - OMG - he is a doll.

Thanks for everything you guys do.

Dog Rescuer said...

Hi Casper mom's.. that dog is so freaking cute. And Chi Chi.. oh he was my boy :-)

Saturday was ok. One of the guys that works there, his live in girlfriend and him have a JRT. She wants another JRT to breed! She was up there for awhile looking at the dogs, where does she think I got them from?

Hopefully she will realize what a bad idea it is.

Other then that I didn't have anyoen who was rude to me this time. Gloria had 3 people get mad that dogs were fixed.. said it made theme worthless!

One lady came up and wanted the cheapest male dog we had.. she didn't realize they were fixed. She had 3 female Chihuahua's she wanted to "mate" that was her word.

UGH! Whatever she doesn't want to spend more then $100 so hopefully no one will sell her a Chihuahua that cheap that isn't fixed.. I can only hope.

I am thinking about running some adds in my local news paper just for information.. maybe it will reach someone??!! Maybe!

Thanks for the update on the kids. Send pictures to my email and I will post them up on my blog :-)

Rick said...

DR: I think the ads would be a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I understand the cost and application to see if you have accommodations for the dog. The thing I don’t agree with is person questions on many of the aps I see. I rather adopt for many reasons but it is easer to buy and I thank more people may adopt if aps were less extensive. I know what if, but we want people to adopt not just buy and keep puppy mills in business.

Dog Rescuer said...


I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say... you find it easier to buy then fill out some simple questions about yourself?? Sorry seems a bit lazy.

Many times I have people who say they are renters. They leave their rental company / landlords name blank. 90% of the time they leave it blank b/c they are not alllowed to have a dog and they are trying to sneak it pass the landlord.

I have also had people leave the vet information blank. Again 90% of the time it is because they are trying to hide something.

I am sure glad that I dug into the information because my goal is to find dogs FOREVER homes not just for now homes.

If people don't want to go through a little effort to get a dog then who is to say they are going to put the effort into the dog once they get it???

Sad that people are too lazy to fill out an application and it sucks even more that I know I will just end up taking their dog from the shelter... well if I get there before they kill it.