Monday, October 5, 2009

Ohio Dog Auction

October 7, 2009 Farmerstown Ohio Dog Auction

Please make sure to send letters!

Write (or fax) letters to the Holmes County Commissioners (Joe Miller, Ray Feikert and Rob Ault) asking them to support a ban on Ohio dog auctions. Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in HolmesCounty until this event no longer takes place in their community!

The contact information is:
2 Court Street, Ste 14
Millersburg, OH 44654-2001
Phone: 330-674-0286
Fax: 330-674-0566

Also, a big thank you to Sharon Harvey, Executive Director, Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL):

This is what she said:

"The Cleveland Animal Protective League supports efforts to ban dog auctions in the State of Ohio. Dog auctions allow the "puppy mill" industry, which is comprised of breeders who use inhumane practices to breed and house dogs, to prosper by acting as an intermediary in the sale of their breeding dogs and offspring. Their dogs are commonly kept in small cages, sometimes in horrific conditions, and denied the ability to express natural behaviors, such as the joy of running and experiencing affection. The Cleveland APL vigorously opposes any activity or practice that results in inhumane treatment of animals, so accordingly, we applaud efforts to ban dog auctions and regulate "puppy mill-type" breeding in the State of Ohio and across the United States. - Sharon Harvey, Executive Director, Cleveland APL"


House of the Discarded said...

I hope you show these pictures to the dimwit you work with that bought that Pom at the pet store.


Anonymous said...

I am an animal lover, and have rescued many. I also have been to an auction with other rescue groups that bid on dogs and puppies to save them from a long life of horror and breeding. We have brought home dogs that have probably never even had a loving human touch, or treats, or time to just run and play. We have worked with dogs and made them suitable for homes where they could live out the rest of there lives in a great environment being loved. We have had several people call us and tell us how wonderful their rescue dog is...without these auctions, these dogs would have been lost to a life of hell or just killed because there "life as a breeder" is over. Its horrible!! I AGREE!! But if this option was taken away, these uncaring breeders would just continue on the way they do, trading among themselves but the rescuers would be shut out. I obviously cant save them all, but every life we can save and change counts....

Anonymous said...

buying the dogs at the aution is doing nothing more then putting money in the hands of those who continue the cycle. All you did was give them money to abuse more dogs. Buying a puppy from a pet store or buying a dog from the assholes that run the puppy mills doesn't stop the problem it adds to it. Some must suffer today so that none suffer tomorrow.

Stop Puppy Mills.. don't buy from them!

Anonymous said...

yea, buying is a bad idea. I realize that the dogs would have never gotten out BUT you just gave them money to hurt more :-(

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am looking for a puppy thats how I know about this dark side. At the same time I wonder, what the difference are between the pet store and the rescue group that both pay money to the monsters?!! I would not buy the puppy even from the rescue group if they got the puppy by buying them b/c I do NOT support their business!! Their business should die hard!!

Dog Rescuer said...

I NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY A DOG from anyone! I ONLY take dogs from shelters or once in a great great while will take in an owner surrender. BUT NEVER BUY a dog from anyone for any reason. I just thinks it adds to the problem... if they aren't making money they won't breed!

Anonymous said...

the picture of this dog was not at the auction, I was there, have NEVER seen a dog go through like that! Although I detest animal abuse and millers I have not seen any abuse take place at this auction. Granted the dogs likely dont know what it is like to play and have fun like a typical family pet that is a house dog, for the most part, the dogs are well fed and watered and in good health. I see that activists tend to take one poor example of animal abuse and tag it to include ALL of the Amish breeders which is not fair. I am not Amish nor a breeder but have out of curiosity attended some of these auctions and I love going to Amish country, and you have to understand that for the Amish, raising dogs is a part of life for them as income. They live much differently than most of us do and we need to respect that aspect. One bad apple should not ruin the whole bunch, which is what you all try to do.

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous -

Have you ever gotten a dog from a puppy mill??

I have.... They spend so much time in a cage they do not know how to walk in a straight line. There teeth are so rotten from the scraps they are fed when they are fed that they have to have most of them pulled. They are so scared that a quick movement to even brush your hair out of your face makes them jump and run.

Do ALL Amish sell dogs? NO. Puppy Mills are the sludge at the bottom of the barrel and NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN!

I have pictures of dogs that I have received from puppy mills. TRUST ME IT IS REAL! The pictures posted on this post are not from 1 mill. They are from many... do you think this stuff is just made up??

I am glad the auctions look good from the outside but the horrible life those dogs lead when they get to the mill is HORRIBLE and needs to be stopped.

Please send me your REAL name and address and the next time I get a sick dog from a mill I will send him / her to you. You can spend the MONTHS it takes to rehabilitate him and the thousand or so dollars it takes to make him "better" then find him a home and ask an adoption fee for $150. And then tell me that Puppy Mills aren't that bad.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the mills, I have bought mill dogs. They are NOT fed, they have no water or very dirty water, they are covered in there own shit and piss, they are matted, their teeth are rotting, they do not know what a toy or treat is, lucky if they will eat hard dog food, they are afraid of every little sound, scared when you put a collar on them, totally freaked out when you put a leash on them, they spin in circles, they do not know how to wag their tail... so please say again, puppy mills aren't bad?