Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puppy Party

The Puppy Party was a lot of fun. Stressful but fun.. LOL! I just love seeing all my kids in one place...well almost all of them.. :-)

Molly totally remembered her daughter Rosie but didn't seem to remember Echo.

Lotto, Chance and Win (now Scrappy) did not remember each other at all. Now, that was surprising because those dogs were so so so dependent of each other.

Boots and Camp 100% remembered each other. Boots.. now Casey licked Camp all over. TOO CUTE!

I had a trainer come and do a demo. That was great. I think a lot of people got a lot out of it.

I had the fly ball team there. OMG they were AWESOME! That was absolutely amazing. I am pretty sure my husband got some cool pictures.. just have to get him to down load them for me :-)

All in all I think everything went really really well.


We raised $1,440.00


~Andeelyn~ said...

WOOOHOOOO It was so much fun! I cant wait till next year~ It was so great to see all the dogs happy and healthy~ Thanks Amy for all you do!

Waggletags said...

Waggletags had a great time- thank you for inviting us! Even with a few glitches we were able to provide all with new tags, it was great to see everyone from last year, and meet lots of new friends! We're looking forward to next year !