Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting ready for the party

This Saturday is the 3rd annual Puppy Party. I am expecting about 150 people. Hopefully everyone shows up... food is

I spent the majority of yesterday and today taking care of dogs and getting ready for the party. I think I have everything pretty well set up at least for now. Not much more I can do until Friday. I get so anxious when I have to plan things.. lol

The puppies are going to be 6 weeks old Wed. OMG they are getting so big and bold.. they can really get around. So freaking cute.

The dogs I got in on Thursday are just the best group of dogs. The 2 puppies really want to be good. They try very hard :-) Marge and Earl.. the make my heart hurt they are just so darn cute! And Lenny seriously could be a comedian.. Best dog.

All 5 of them are going to the clinic tomorrow to get fixed. So, I will be 5 dogs less for a few days. Hopefully Jeff is going to a foster home Tuesday and that leaves me with Tucker, Bonnie and Paige!

AND then I am working on getting 3 more dogs. UGH! Seriously. Someone has got to get adopted here really soon. I am dieing. JRT's EVERYWHERE!

I am supposed to get a 10 week old puppy, a skinny poor little thing from a shelter and then another JRT from Carroll County.

Do you think the endless parade of JRT"s that seem to be coming my way will end soon? I seriously can't take it any more... I don't know where I am going to put them all.

The babies still have 5 weeks before they can go anywhere and I am getting ZERO hits on my dogs. I can't believe I still have Dolly or Bobby... I am seriously they are so good. UGH!

Well need to go to bed because I have to get up early to load up 5 dogs into my car..... my stomach hurts... stupid anxiety!


LilliGirl said...

It's amazing how you push so hard for these guys. You rock!

...and perhaps you have a puppy mill nearby? Seems like an awful lot of JRTs. I'm just saying. We have areas with high cocentrations of some breeds and there's usually a breeder somewhere not too far away I think.

kate said...

Bad news? No dice with Osiris. The pound called me and let me know that they had picked him up but that he'd been hit by a car at the Giant Eagle near our house and they had to put him down. I'm so upset, and even more upset at the workmen that left everything open for him to escape in the first place.

Good news? I went and picked up a dog in Paulding, OH. We're not keeping her, but she was so cute, I just couldn't let her stay out there in the middle of no where. I'm getting her fixed this week, and met with a potential adoptive family today. The mom stays home, and homeschools the four kids (13, 11, 9 & 7) the kids were super sweet with Daisy and the dad also works at home. The family seems like they have a lot of time to give to the dog. I'm going over to check out their place tomorrow!

Alexander is still pretty bummed about Osiris. Of course I didn't tell him the whole story. I think that we will want to start fresh with a young dog at some point. Have one that needs a home??

Dog Rescuer said...

LilliGirl - Ohio is the 2nd most over populated state in the US for puppy mills. So, yes there are puppy mills EVERYWHERE around here.

Kate - OMG. That makes me sick. UGH! I have two 4 month old.. Brian and Billy and I have a litter.

OH and there is a lady trying to re home her 10 week old. She lives in C-bus. Maybe that would work for both of you???!!