Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 heartworm positive dogs

I have rescued over 500 dogs and only 1 time did I have a heartworm positive dog.. Sally

Sally was a sweet dog rescued from Scioto County Dog Pound. She was some sort of collie mix and we really aren't sure how old. She was my dog for about 4 months. Sally wasn't able to be treated for heartworm b/c she also had mammary cancer like Sasha did.. only difference was Sally couldn't have surgery because of her heartworm, we couldn't treat her heartworm because of her cancer :-( It was lose lose for Sally. But really I think it was a win for her. She lived in my house like one of my dogs and was happy just hanging around the farm. She was very much loved and I think in the end she knew that. Her picture is framed in my office at work and I miss her very much.

On Tuesday I took sweet, cute, funny, loving little Ralf into the vet. He has had really bad kennel cough for about 2 going on 3 weeks now :-( Poor dog. Ralf was tied up outside for what we know of at least 6 months. He was tied up outside ALL WINTER! His family lost the house and left him there tied to the dog house with no food, no water. After 6 weeks finally the neighbor was able to get someone to come out and remove Ralf and his girl friend off the property.

Usually when I get in a dog that has been chained up they are well CRAZY! They have so much pent up anger, energy, frustration from being tied up that trying to get them to be "normal" is just very difficult. NOT RALF! He is housebroken, great off leash, comes when you call him, just the sweetest dog, doesn't bark, LOVES to play with toys and play fetch. He is just an amazing little dog.

Now poor Ralf has to have heartworm treatment :-( He will get through it and he will be fine BUT he now has to wait EVEN LONGER to find his forever home because the treatment takes at least 30 days.

You know the old saying when it rains it pours? Well then the Miami County Dog (Eddie) was taken in yesterday to be neutered. Of course they do a heartworm test first... POSITIVE! So, he too has heartworm and has to be treated and has to wait for a forever home. NOT COOL!

For under $20 a month March - October this is totally 100% preventable! Kinda like mammary cancer. The only reason dogs get it, is because people are STUPID!


crystal said...

Heartworm sucks!!! The first heartworm positive dog I met walked into the clinic with bloodfilled ticks literally falling of of her!! She also had lymes and bacterial infections and something else...I forget. Anyways we had to put her to sleep and her heart was full of heartworms! It was the saddest thing I ever saw, I think of her and her poor heart everytime I buy heartworm prevention now!

Melinda said...

We adopted a heartworm + JRT about 2 years ago. We did not know she had it. But, she came through the treatment with flying colors and is the cutest and most wonderful terrier ever! We madly love her and she makes us laugh every day. She was on her last day at a pound and someone like you cared enough to save her. I will never be able to thank them enough! What you do is hard, thankless and heartbreaking - and it is also changing lives and spreading love & smiles every day.

Calsidyrose said...

Here in humid Southeast Texas, the mosquito problem is year-round, so pet owners are encouraged to administer heartworm preventive every month. However, 40 percent of the dogs that arrive at our Shelter are heartworm positive.

And even though in some parts of the country you may be able to cut back on the preventive, if you vacation with your pet in Texas or other parts of the South during your cold months, your unprotected animal is at risk.

I've fostered heartworm-positive dogs--it gets tedious toward the end of the month when the dog begins to experience fresh energy!

My current foster dog is heartworm positive, but the Shelter's supplier of treatment meds is low on stock so all treatments are on hold.