Friday, May 7, 2010

Up and down

Well I thought things were going to slow down but NOPE! I am wrong, just when I am feeling hopeful BOOM! 5 new JRT's are coming into rescue... ugh! Seriously and I am going to put them all where?

Tomorrow I was hoping for some success at the adoption event but now I am worried because it is supposed to rain and be cold. Having a bunch of dogs inside the store where we are going is REALLY hard, being outside is so much easier. Now, if I was doing the event on Sunday CLEAR skies.

Oh and get this on someone's facebook page yesterday they posted
"FREE PUPPIES. Anyone want one?"

Apparently someone who comes into her store where she is a cashier has JRT/Schnauzer puppies he wants to get rid of. I know where she works and it is seriously 5 miles from my house.. I could SCREAM! I told her to tell the guy I would take them ALL and find them homes AFTER THEY ARE FIXED and I would fix mom at no cost to him but MOM MUST GET FIXED.

I highly doubt the stupid hill billy will go for it. OMG people make me so mad. I seriously wish I had money for bill board ads. How awesome would that be? Hey girl can dream.


House of the Discarded said...

I have a similar dream about putting in a full page ad in a bunch of different major newspapers!

We rescuers think the same way :)

Dog Rescuer said...

LOL! I actually did that 2 years ago around Christmas.. well not full page but a nice 1/4 page :-)

Abbie Has said...

Really enjoying your blog! I run a UK site for overlooked dogs for adoption and share your frustrations....:)