Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying not to let it get to me

I love my husband, my mom, my job, my REAL friends, dog rescue, my farm and despite the fact some shitty things are going on in my life and it would really easy for me to just walk away from dog rescue. I am not going to, I am going to keep plugging away and hopefully get through this spot in my life. We all have our ups and our downs and we all have people that hurt us and people who support us. Life goes on and we get through it one way or another. It is hard when you don't see an end in sight... a light at the end of the tunnel as they say.

For all of those who I talk to daily or know me personally I am apologizing now for any strange behavior or if I seem distance. I am working through some tough times and just know I am doing what I can to get through it, to stay positive and try not to let it affect me... although we all know it does and will.

Thanks to those for supporting me and thank you to all of those who believe in me. It is your positive thoughts that will get me through this and will help me erase the negative people from my life who do nothing but bring me down.

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