Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Night Night Vito!

I received an email today from someone who adopted Louie (re named him Vito) from me in 2008. This cute little dog was just under a year when they adopted him.

He had to be put to sleep yesterday because he had a heart tumor that couldn't be operated on.

I am so sad. He was such a sweet little guy. Probably a product of some stupid puppy mill.... ugh! The tumor is totally genetic. Makes me so mad that more can't be done about people just breeding all these dogs and setting people up for heart ache. Not to mention the poor dogs that have to suffer because people are so flipping greedy. Makes me mad.

Then guess what I found out the other day. There is this jerk back yard mill breeder in MI and a few years ago my national group was trying to work with him to release a bunch of his JRT's over to rescue. Instead he killed them all and moved.

Well he moved and stated right back up again. The reason he moved was because he was getting harassed by so many people about having too many dogs. So why the hell would he just move and start over.. If I was getting as harassed as this guy was I wouldn't go back to doing it... UGH! People suck. I guess when you are criminal you are criminal and you don't care.

THEN the women who was busted in Texas a few years ago I guess is back to it again. I think there were 275 dogs taken by the state from that lady and only 180 made it to rescue or were adoptable. I took 4 in from that group and OMG what a mess. Those dogs were seriously backwards. 1 ended up jumping out of a window and was hit by a car and the other 3 were adopted. 2 are pretty normal and 1 is still very cat like.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with people?

I know I am fighting a loosing battle, I know that it would be so much easier to just give up but I can't bring myself to do it. Especially when I look into the faces of my rescue dogs. I just think how they would be dead, alone, scared, abused or God only knows what if I didn't take them in and it just kills me to think of that..

Will things ever get better?


NoviceLife said...

You are right Amy, in some regards, rescue will always be a loosing battle. But to those faces who have you to thank, they have WON!

Lorena said...

Poor little thing, he looked like a wise old soul. At least he was loved for awhile