Monday, May 24, 2010

You were loved. Always know that!

Bear was a cute little JRT mix saved from death row. He was just a pup 4 - 5 months old when he was taken from the kill shelter. Bear was lucky enough to find a WONDERFUL family who loved him more then anything in the world. He had a mom, a dad and two human brothers. What else could a dog ask for.

Unfortunately only being with his family a few short weeks Bear is no longer with us. His family is totally devastated unable to even talk about it. It is amazing how much one little dog can be so loved in such a short amount of time but yet tossed out on the streets marked to die at the shelter ;-(

The peaceful thing to know is the Bear died loved and knowing the meaning of a forever home. Although forever was not long enough at least he will have a family to pass over the rainbow bridge with.

We love you Bear Bear and you will be missed greatly by many.


kate c. said...

What a shame, what happened?

Dog Rescuer said...

got out under the gate and ran for it.. car vs. dog. Car won :-(

kate c. said...