Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ellen and Ralf

I picked Ellen up yesterday after her bladder stone surgery. I got to see the stones they took out of her. OMG that dog had to have been in SERIOUS pain. It looked like the stones in my driveway. NO joke. The one stone was so big! There was probably handful of stones... that is a lot for one little dog.

She is feeling better and at the boarding kennel where she can heal. I worry that all the other dogs at my house will irritate the dogs that just came home from the surgery so I always board them. Makes me feel better.

I dropped Ralf off last night to start his heartworm treatment :-( POOR GUY! I can't stop thinking about him. The good news is I get to pick him up on Friday. I thought it was going to be Saturday morning. That makes me happy b/c I just want him to come home so he can start feeling better.

I have been working like crazy the last few days to try to help to get 5 dogs to safety. UGH! I wish I had / knew more people in Columbus area. It would make getting dogs from Southern Ohio so much easier.

Paws crossed for Ralf, Ellen and the 5 I am trying to save that all goes well and everyone has a happy ending.

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