Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adoption Day

We had an adoption event today. It wasn't all that exciting, I only took 4 dogs. My rescue friend was there too and she brought 10 dogs, 5 were adopted. So, that is a good thing.

Next weekend is the big adoption event so that is when I will have the majority of my kids there. I really hope some of these sweethearts can find a home next weekend. I just feel so bad when I have them for a long time because they are so deserving of a good home.

Next week will be a mini vacation for me. LOL! I will only have 4 foster dogs here until Wed when Martha gets picked up by her family. The 3 foster for the week. WOOHOO! Well I am working on getting the Jackson County dog, Smitty out of the shelter. If I get him then I will have 4 till Friday but still that is like a vacation. LOL!

The following week is when I am getting the female Rotti/Shepard mix from the people she was dumped on and then had 30 puppies... ugh... still makes me cringe. I just keep thinking about those 30 puppies.. well 29 because the people kept one... where are they? alive? dead? abused? having puppies? chained up outside? and now I am sick to my stomach.. I shouldn't think about it.

Well at least we are ending the cycle. THANK GOD. I did tell the lady that she has to do me a favor and that is to educate other who have un altered pets on the importance of fixing their dogs and spread the word of dog over population and how important it is for people to adopt vs. buying. She said she would. So, let's hope she means it.

I have been getting a lot of people asking me about the dog hoarder. I haven't had a chance to turn her in. I am still trying to figure out her address since it isn't on her mail box. My police friend is going to help me figure that out. Once I get that I will turn her in and I will pray that she soon decides to get the dogs homes, get them fixed and or NO MORE PUPPIES .. but the chances of that are slim :-(

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