Monday, May 31, 2010

Stop and THINK!

I was able to get away for a few days this weekend. Much need. Wish I wouldn't have come back.. missed my dogs but I have someone harassing me... Anyway, I was listening to the radio as we passed through Columbus. Some guy called into the radio station to say that his neighbor NEVER speaks to him. He always says hi and she ignores him BUT she is always putting water and food in his backyard for the dog. I seriously felt like calling the radio station and saying... DUH guy the whole reason your neighbor doesn't speak to you is b/c you have a dog chained up in your back yard!!

This is EXACTLY WHY I say stuff to people and try to educate them. If you are "angry" with the way someone is treating a dog or you feel someone is doing something wrong towards a dog you have to say something. You can't just ignore them and pretend they know why you won't talk to them. THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE!!!

When I see a free puppy sign. I call the number and offer assistance to people to have their female spayed and I will take the puppies and adopt them out AFTER they are fixed. When I see someone.. for example walking or standing with their dog on hot blacktop I say something about how the blacktop will burn their dogs feet. Sometimes people aren't trying to hurt their dog or be mean they just don't know.

How they heck are things for animals going to get better if people don't address the issue one situation at a time?

I spoke to a women today who said her neighbor has dogs tied up outside all the time no shelter, no water, no food. I asked her if she has spoken to her neighbor.. of course she hasn't. I told her who she needed to call and what the laws were and she said well I don't want to get her in trouble I just want the animals to be ok. I told her you can't have it both ways... animals OK but you not saying anything. You need to address the issue and if she doesn't fix the problem then call the authorities. So, the problem will get fixed.

Honestly I don't understand why you have to have a dog if all you do is have it tied up outside. I honestly would rather the people set the dog free and / or take the dog to the dog pound. At least that way it has a chance. On a chain a dog has absolutely NO CHANCE!

I realize some people have out door dogs and really that is totally fine with me. Not everyone has to believe in a dog living in the house. Barn dogs or dogs in kennel don't bother me but dogs chained REALLY bother me. That is just a horrible life for a dog and makes them so aggressive.

I wish people cared more.


Allison at Novice Life said...

I get that often when people call me wanting to report something and I refer them to the proper authorities and they say but they don't want anyone to know it was them or get anyone in trouble. *SIGH* So you'd rather the animal suffer? and for the 100th time, your call is ANNONYMOUS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand it is not right to leave a dog on a chain all the time but if the dog jumps the fence what do you do?

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous -

I have a dog that gets out of the fence ALL the time and when he does there is NO catching him. So, yes I put him on a tie out while in the fenced area. However, he doesn't live on a chain 24 / 7 and NEVER is he tied out without me being right there to watch him.

It is just so sad when people get a dog and stick it in the yard with a dog house on a chain :-( What a sad life!