Monday, May 10, 2010

Adoption day update

Well the adoption day didn't go that great. Figured it wouldn't. I took 6 dogs and came home with 8 LOL! I had 3 dogs transported to me on Saturday from Lucas and Putnam Counties. Luckily one got adopted and another one I believe is getting adopted tonight. So, that is good.

Not sure I mentioned but Ellen has to have bladder stone surgery. Poor baby. She goes in on Tuesday night, has surgery Wednesday.

Ralf goes for his heartworm treatment on Wed and I pick him back up on Saturday. He is not going to be happy having to "stay still" for the next 30 days. I am seriously not looking forward to that.

Nothing else is really going on as far as the dogs go. Just trying to raise money for everyone's surgeries.

I have a beagle that goes in today for spay, heartworm test, etc. I am really really nervous she is going to come out HW positive too... I am like sick to my stomach worrying about it.. I can't wait to know but at the same time don't want to know... if that makes sense. I really don't have the money to put into a 7 year old beagle who has probably lived her entire life outside... how the heck am I ever going to find someone to adopt her... ugh!

They all get adopted eventually, right? LOL!


Lorena said...

we found someone to take a partially blind headstrong 5 year old Dalmatian, I know a woman who adopted a blind Saint Bernard, do not loose hope

House of the Discarded said...

Holy crap...that *IS* a bad adoption day!

Thinking good thoughts for the HW test, Amy -


9258 Photo said...

I had one get adopted Valentine's weekend that I had had since he was a puppy, 3 years before. So there is hope.