Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying to stay positive

I am really trying to stay positive but it isn't easy. Just seems like every time I turn around there is another JRT or JRT mix or something that needs my help. The list of dogs in need just seems to be never ending. I felt a little better last week after I was able to rescue the 4 I did and then over the weekend email after email after email about JRT's in need. Even a mom, dad and puppies. How the heck am I going to pull that off?

Adoptions seem to be some what slow too. I have people emailing me that are interested, I call them talk to them and NOTHING! :-(

I really want to help the mom, dad and puppies BUT I really don't have the room. I know darn well that some rescue will come in and take the puppies and leave mom and dad behind... puppies are much easier to adopt out. That is the only reason I am thinking about taking all of them. Just pisses me off when rescues do that.. I always say that isn't rescuing... that is taking the easy way out. Rescue isn't easy!! Jerks!

I am hoping I come out of this funk soon, it sucks. I haven't felt like this in a long long time. I mean I get discouraged yes but I really feel down.

Although as I sit here and type this sweet Ralf who had heartworm treatment is laying in bed with me (dogs per my husband aren't allowed on the bed... yet Ralf makes him self comfortable right next to my husband.. LOL) I look over at Ralf and smile.. what a sweet baby. I hope he finds an awesome home very soon. He deserves the best.


Anonymous said...

Go set a timer for 5 or 8 minutes.
Then rant, rage, scream, toss pillows! Get it all out of your system. After which you need to cuddle someone soft, with loving eyes. Remind yourself we do it for the animals. We can not change all the people. But for the ones we can educate, the animals we can save, it makes all the difference in the world, and we would not want to be the person who does less.
I know there are some "rescues" that only take the easily adoptable ones, and leave behind the ones with less chance. It is a not pretty fact. Those "less adoptable" ones are often the most loving and loyal. They do appreciate what we do for them, and share the heartache we feel.

Know also that there are people out here that appreciate you and your feelings and the work you do.

Lorena said...

I wish you were closer, I'm looking for a jack russel for vole patrol on my land, and I always adopt adult dogs because you can see what you're getting, if you have a connection to them. If you can get outside and walk with the dogs in nature, it helps to clear your mind. Best wishes,thanks for all the work you do.

WisePati said...

There are plenty of us feeling a lot of the same things. I help out a Rat Terrier rescue so often come across JRT's labeled as JRT's and vice versa. I sometimes just want to give up entirely because I feel overwhelmed by all the greed, stupidity and selfishness. But then I find blogs like yours and know I'm not alone, there are just fewer of us. But more than there were years ago, so we just have to keep going!