Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Break down.... ready? GO!

Holy crap what did I get myself into?? I am super excited about the puppies and I got everything ready for all three mom set up last night. I went to my vet office and talked to them to make sure I am going to have everything I need for the babies and the moms.... worming medicine, food, antibiotics, etc.

Tonight I am going to get everything read for the 3 males. They are already schedule to go Tuesday to get neutered, heartworm tested, shots, etc.

Apparently I am getting 2 more female JRT's from Holmes County either tomorrow or Friday. YIKES! So, I scheduled them for spay surgery Tuesday as well.

Lenny is coming back on Sunday. He will have to hang out with the other males. He is going to go to Christie's on Wed. She is going to work with him on the pulling on the leash thing...

*(deep breath)*
In rescue right I have
Libby - Pending
Buster -
Bumper -
Ryder -
Lucy -
Polly -
CJ -
Jeff -
Piper -
Kiwi -
Punkin -
Lenny - coming Sunday

That is a lot of dogs.... oh geez....

Someone has got to get adopted soon or I am going to be a mess.... oh geez.. ok, I am stressed out.. lol

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