Thursday, January 7, 2010

Need a laugh today

The other day I received a Pet Magazine in the mail. It has all types of grooming stuff in it and clothes and hair dye... yes HAIR DYE for dogs :-) LOL!

I couldn't resist when I was looking at some of the stuff! So, I decided to snap a picture and share with all. It is a good laugh so prepare yourself.. LOL!!

This is my favorite....

have you ever seen a dog in slippers? Let alone any type of foot wear?? They walk all funny or shake their legs. SO FUNNY!!!

Sad thing is I have seen dogs with dyed hair. Actually got one out of the pound once that had dyed hair.. LOL!!

If my dog Hobbes was wearing this the answer would be YES! LOL!!

How about fix your dog and you will not need diapers.. LOL!

This just does not look comfortable.. LOL

Poor dog. I can read the look on his face "REALLY? Yellow rain coat, all the other dogs are going to make funny of me. I am a lab, I LIKE WATER!" (not sure it really is a lab but still funny)

Ok so I will admit I do have jackets and sweaters for my dogs and yes sometimes I put them on the rescues dogs for when they go outside to go potty. When they way 5 pounds or are nearly starved to death I am not going to make them freeze just to poop. The above stuff is just funny! And the looks on the faces of most of the dogs are just funny!
Hope you had a good laugh :-)


Gulliver said...

I have amazing photography skills!

~Andeelyn~ said...

Ok mine have jackets and sweaters but a snow suit lol they are covered with fur. Now i have used diapers for a dog in heat before we could get her spayed but if i have one that needs diapers it means they are to old to control their potty movements lol. Some people dont have children so they dress up their pets lol I have to wonder what the dogs are thinking. To know would be priceless

NoviceLife said...

Hair Dye? Really!? LOL
I would probably buy little booties though for my little boxer mix; she tip toes to potty when her lil 'high heels get cold ;)

Anonymous said...

i think i will buy some dye for my dog lol i think it would be cute!

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous -

If you do, send pictures.. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I will most def. lol

jackdog3 said...

Thanks for sharing the photos...really laughed even though we are guilty of putting sweaters and fleece on our JRT's.
Lilly is so small for a jack russell and she shakes in the cold weather so she is always looking stylish in her pink fleece. Loved your comment on Hobbes with that tshirt...we do have to wonder about the hair dye

9258 Photo said...

My JRT Violet was in a pound in Indiana dyed purple. Get it, Violet. If she would have been dyed red she would have been Ruby and green it would have been Ivy. The reason I got for her being dyed purple was because the former owner dyed her own hair that color and she had some left over. It lasted over 6 months. and that was with weekly baths. Sure wish my own hair dye lasted that long.