Monday, January 4, 2010

I hope I didn't fail him this time......

Spencer left for a home yesterday. I am a nervous wreck, I feel like I just let someone take my first born child. I hope this time I did right by Spencer because I sure feel like I failed him the last time. Not sure if I have written about this but Spencer was pulled from a shelter in November 2008. He was adopted in Dec 2008. Right around Thanksgiving time 2009 I received an email from his family saying they were divorced and Spencer needed to come back ASAP. The dad didn't want Spencer and the mom was moving. So, the first week of December Spencer came back to me.

Spencer is I guess what you would call your typical JRT. He is a bit neurotic, ball obsessed, good jumper, not good with little little kids BUT he is good with cats and not a crazy barker so not totally typical. He was a very happy go lucky guy when he left me a year ago.

Well when I first got him back and I would try to discipline him he would get gnarly with me. That is so not Spencer. He got totally defensive... he really got pissed at me one day so I tossed my coat over him and put him in a down stay until he chilled out. He has been a really good dog ever since. Actually right after that he got all slinky and wanted me to love on him. Totally classic defense mode from being abused.

The lady that returned Spencer to me said he didn't like her ex-husband. Yea well can't blame the poor dog. Makes me feel like a total asshole for allowing him to go to such a home. UGH! Makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyway, Spencer needs someone willing to love him and be good to him so he can trust again. He definitely does not trust people at first and tries to be a pack leader. So, he needs someone that will also be a pack leader for him b/c that is what he really needs.

Well a nice couple was very interested in Spencer. I told them all about him and they wanted to come meet him. So, I told them if they wanted to meet Spencer and liked him that I would waive the adoption fee if they would go to training with him. I told them how to handle him and about his likes and dislikes. I sure hope they listen... I sure hope it all works out for Spencer. That poor dog has been through hell and back and I really hope this time I didn't fail him. Maybe I worry too much.... but I am seriously sick to my stomach and can't stop thinking about Spencer. I love that little dog.. he really is a good boy. He just needs some help to trust and some rules! And I can't keep them all....

Then to make me a little more nervous this weekend Buster went to his new home..well hopefully. They are doing a foster to adopt but Buster is such a sweet heart that I am sure they will keep him. I sure do miss him though.. what a sweet heart. He is another one that was adopted and returned. So, hopefully this time we did right by him.

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Marie said...

i'm sure they will both be ok. they are both great dogs. i know i was there.!!