Friday, January 22, 2010

I hope this isn't a sign.. LOL!

So I was told, a women in her mid to late 40's had cancer and passed away. She had 9 dogs. Apparently was breeding them because none were fixed. Her family DUMPED all of them at the shelter. Poor dogs.

The shelter staff and volunteers knew the dogs needed an exit plan and FAST. That is where I stepped in. I said I would take them ALL!

1 of the dogs was a bit aggressive so the shelter did not release that one. I did however, get 3 males.


Happy (if you met him you would totally understand why we named him happy!!)


In addition I receive 1 mom dog (name pending). She is about 1 year old.

with 4 puppies that were born in the Shelter on Saturday
Also, 3 other females all pregnant!

An older female, I feel so so so so sorry for her that she is pregnant. She looks so unhappy
A 2 year old that is just a sweet heart
And a 1.5 year old that is equally as sweet

I have all the mom's in my husbands workshop in the garage. The room is heated and insulated and quit... away from the madness of all the other dogs that way they can be peaceful and away from other dogs that may be carrying something that would make the babies sick. It looks like a puppy nursery.. lol

The dogs were located in Scioto Ohio which is at the very very bottom of Ohio about 4.5 hours from me. Seriously we couldn't be further apart being in the same state!

Transport was arranged from the dogs to be taken from Scioto Ohio to Columbus Ohio were they would be picked up and transported to Cleveland. From there I would meet the transport and take them all home! I was suppose to meet the transport between 4:45 and 5:30ish.

The transport was to arrive in Columbus at 2pm. At 12:32pm I received a phone call that the person meeting the transport in Columbus and bringing the dogs back to me broken down on the side of the road. I had to come up with a new plan.

I emailed the 3 people I knew in Columbus that I thought MIGHT be able to help. Lucky for me one person, Kate responded ASAP. She could go get the dogs from the meeting spot in Columbus and then take them back to her house until arrangements could be made.

Another person Kerry said she could possible transport them from Kate to Ashland area but not until she got out of work.

In a shear panic I posted on my facebook page that the dogs were trapped in Columbus. My friend Michael replied back that he was in Columbus for work and was coming back home that night. He could bring the dogs back with him. WOOHOOO!

Here is the catch.... he was driving a small car. There were 11 dogs, in crates. how the heck are they going to fit??

Kate and Michael did some cramming and adjusting and were able to get all the dogs in the car. Michael got on the road with all the dogs probably around 6:20ish.

At 8:30 I received a phone call from his wife Marie.
"Amy, Michael's car broke down. He is in Ashland and I am on my way to get him."

OMG WHAT????? So, Marie drove 1 hour to her husband, picked up the dogs and drove to my house. Michael had his car towed back to his house.

Marie got to my house around 10:10pm. She helped me get all the boys settled in, put a tag on all their collars and worm them.

Then get all the mom's into their "nursery", get collars and tags on them and worm them. PLUS give the babies some medicine.

Of course we took a bunch of pictures too. But by the time I got into the house it was midnight.

What a day!

Seriously I shouldn't have a blog I should have a situation comedy. Who the heck does stuff like this happen to?? LOL! All I can do is laugh my ass off b/c it is all too funny!

Since the dogs went through so much yesterday my vet is going to come over to the house and check everyone out. LOL!


April said...

Oh my gosh Amy. You are either a Saint or Totally Nuts! Looking forward to meeting the "newbies" tomorrow. God bless you for doing such wonderful work.

scioto dog pound said...

Amy, your a amazing person, this is Pat from Scioto and thanks to you these guys and girls have chances to get wonderful homes...the puppies are adorable..glad they made it there safe and sound in the end