Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday night adventure

Thursday I left work around 4:45. It has been snowing most of the day and the weather said we were supposed to get a snow storm. The road were pretty covered and people were driving really slow. I didn't get home until 5:50. I had a vet appointment at 5:40. Oopse.

So, I run in the house grab Bumper (the blind dog I got on Wed from the shelter), Chaz (my personal dog) and the ran to the barn to grab Spencer and Libby.

I got to the vet right at 6pm. Took everyone in for their wellness check, rabies shot and heartworm check. I brought Bumper in last. He was looked over by 2 of my vets. They both said that he has 80% vision loss and juvenile cataracts. He is not in any pain, will never be in any pain, it isn't from abuse, just poor breeding and he will never need long term vet care so no extra expense for whoever adopt him. He is simply blind. My vet said I could probably go see a specialist and have surgery on both eyes for around $1,100 an eye and there is a possibility to restore some of his eye sight. I will leave that up to whoever adopts him.. lol

So, I came home and put Chaz and Bumper back in the house. I then let Spencer and Libby out of my truck. I figured it was snowing pretty bad that they wouldn't go far.. Spencer is off the leash trained.. Libby is NOT. LOL! Well Libby stayed close by for a bit and then discovered the driveway.. ugh. She ran down the drive to the street and down the street. I walked after her and picked her up to bring her home. Brat. LOL

As I was walking down the street I noticed that there was a set of tracks, clearly Libby's but there was also a set of big dog tracks. I didn't really give it much thought and just went on back home.

So, I got home feed horses, cleaned kitty litter, feed goats and gave them clean water, took care of the dogs making sure their bedding was all clean and gave them fresh food and water. Played with them for a bit. My husband was going to go play soccer as he does every Thursday. He was in the barn with me so he said bye and I went in the house. I took off my boats walked in the door and the phone was ringing it was My husband.

"Want a boxer" he said when I answered the phone. What?? "There is a Boxer running down the middle of our road by Jimmy's (my neighbor). Ok I said I will go get it. I jumped put my boots back on and jumped in my car.

The dog was standing the middle of the road right in front of my neighbor's house. This is the neighbor who doesn't like dogs.. Anyway, I turn on my flashers, get out of my car and start calling for he dog. Then a plow truck comes down the road. I had to waive at him to get him to stop. I was afraid he was going to hit the dog. The plow truck stopped probably about 30 feet from her. That scared the dog and it walked into my neighbor's yard. I got pretty close to it but it was scared and growling. It did snap at me but it was clearly fear. It wasn't a bad dog. It was just scared. It was a female boxer mix, brindle w/a white chest. She has CLEARLY had puppies and more then one litter b/c her boobies were hanging low. She looked young other then that.

My neighbor came walking from her barn and I said "this is not my dog, this is a stray, Tyler saw her and called me." Once I started talking loudly she got freaked and took off running. UGH!

She ended up running behind my other neighbor's house and I lost her. I looked for her but couldn't find her. When she took off the plow truck driver started back up again and left.

I walked back to my car and drove down the road and turned around. As I was coming back she was by the trash can in my neighbor's front yard. I pulled in her drive way and she jumped up on my car. As soon as I got out and started talking she ran down the road towards my house. I was so hoping she would run up my driveway but of course she did not.. down the road she went.

I was worried she would get hit by a car b/c with her coloring she blended in with the sky line and she was really hard to see. Anyway, she ran passed my house and stopped at the end of the field next to my house. I stopped my truck again and she jumped up on it and looked in like she wanted to get in the car. I got out and walked around back and opened up the back door. I was hoping she would get in. As I was standing there talking to her a car goes flying pass me. Because on a dark country road in the middle of a freaking snow storm when someone is stopped in the road standing outside of their vehicle with their back trunk/hatch open I FLY pass them and don't care if they are stranded. UGH! Seriously, I like dogs more and more everyday... lol

That scared her and she went UNDER my car. Yes, under. I got down on my hands and knees and I was talking to her. She was so so scared.

Another truck pulled up, stopped and got out to see what I was doing (a decent human being). It so happen to be a guy that lived down the street. I will be honest I think he was a few drinks in.. lol I could smell the bar on him.. lol He bent down to see her and that totally freaked her out, she started growling and barking and showing her teeth. She was not thrilled with him AT ALL. He tried reaching for her but she snapped at him and took his glove off. LOL. She knew what she was doing.

I didn't have my cell phone on me and I didn't even have gloves on me. I didn't think it was going to be this hard to catch this dog. I used the man's cell phone to call my mom so she could call the dog warden to have him come out and try to get her. They have the snare polls and I only have a heavy duty slip lead (collar and leash in one). Oh yea forgot to tell you she did not have a collar on.

45 minutes that dog took up camp under my car. A few cars passed by and just started while my neighbor and I were out there, some people stopped and asked what was wrong and one other car stopped that had 3 young high school boys in it, they stopped and tried to help too.

Anyway, the dog warden got there and tried to get her out and she freaked out and came out from under my car. She was so scared that she tried to get away. A car was coming up the road and I think the head lights freaked her out and she took off. I jumped in my truck and the car passed me. Let me set the scene for you a little better. I am standing in what should be the lane for on coming traffic. My truck is stopped with the flashers going, behind me is a F150 type truck and behind that is the dog warden truck which has a flashing light on it. The dog warden is standing in the lane that should be on coming traffic as well and the other guy is standing between my truck and his.

So, the car goes pass me while I am getting into my truck. He is driving way faster then he should be in this weather (the roads were not even close to being clear). The car was a little silver sports car, 2 door. I just knew what was about to happen b/c the boxer was running down the middle of the street. I put my car in drive and started driving. maybe about 100 feet down the road I see the silver car fish tail and slide and I hear THUD. I see the boxer fall.. like when they loose their balance and just their butt hits the ground... anyway the silver car hit the dog right in front of a house's driveway. The dog jumped up and TOOK OFF down the driveway. I jumped out of my car and ran to see where she went. She ran down the driveway and to the back of the house.

The dog warden pulled up behind my truck and I went back to my truck and told him what happened. We pulled into the driveway and followed the tracks all the way around the back of the house and it lead to a small tree line. One of those overgrown tree lines between fields. I looked at the dog warden and said she is going right back to my neighbor's house.

We got back in our vehicles and back to my neighbor's. Yep there she was standing in the back yard. She took off again and we looked for her for about 1/2 hour but couldn't find her.

3 hours, 3 freezing cold hours in a snow storm. I was so cold and so sore.. lol

The dog warden came back to look for her a few times on Friday and I looked for her but neither of us founder her on Friday. Then Friday night I was out dropping dogs off at foster homes and when I came home a note was on my door.

"I found a Boxer Mix running down the road. She jumped in my car and I took her to Vet office. Please call me if she is yours XXX-XXX-XXXX - Tammy"

I called and the lady said that the boxer was running down the road, she and a car coming from the other direction stopped and the boxer went up to the other ladies car, I opened my car door she ran over to my car and jumped in. She drove up and down my street asking people whose dog it was when finally someone told her to stop at my house. since I wasn't home she took the dog to the vet office.

I told her it wasn't my dog but I had tried to get her last night. So, last night the boxer was safe and warm and this afternoon the dog warden picked her up from the vet office. She will be at the pound for the stray hold for 3 open business days and then put up for adoption. So, she will be available on Friday.

The dog warden said he looked at her teeth and she is maybe 1.5 years old. and very very sweet. Giving kisses and wagging her tail.

She was cleared dumped by some asshole... who the hell would dump a dog in the middle of a freaking snow storm. People SUCK! And they clearly dumped her at my neighbor's b/c that is where she kept going back to and she kept looking at cars.. classic sign of waiting for her owners to come back. :-(

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