Saturday, January 16, 2010

I did so much but got nothing done....

Today was one of those days were I just ran in circles. I had an appointment with a lady to adopt a dog, she was supposed to be at my house between 9 - 10am this morning. She showed up at NOON!

I had a lady coming to see Bumper just because she wanted to see him and to meet Kiwi to possibly adopt her. She was to be at my house at 10am. She showed up around 10:30ish. Met Kiwi and said "Ok Thanks." And left. ???? She was just window shopping I think.

Then I had someone come to see Libby at 11am. He as on time and was very nice. He is going on vacation tomorrow so I knew he could take Libby but he didn't bring his dog to meet her. Thought that was strange. He said he would let me know...

Then I had to run to this ladies house....... I don't know if I wrote about this but in November my Dad's friend.. a little old guy, contacted me about getting an American Eskimo. His had passed away and he would never buy another dog, he wanted to rescue one. Long story short and A LOT of work I got him an Eskimo. He was so happy and so excited. The dog came from a HORRIBLE shelter about 2 or 3 hours away.

Well his wife called me right after Christmas and told me the man had died on Christmas Eve. WHAT??? OMG!! I felt so bad. The lady can't drive and depended on her husband to do everything for her. The Eskimo that I had gotten for them needed neutered and a dental BAD! The old man had made an appointment and everything but.....

So, I went over there today and told the lady that if she took the dog to my vet that I would pay for the neuter and the dental. She doesn't have the money to do it and is worried about making ends meet as it is. That dog made Ernie (the old man) so happy to get and there is no way I can be ok knowing the women can't take care of him and would have to give him up. That dog is the one thing of Ernie she has left... ya know?

Then from there I drove over an hour to another women's house who had rescued a JRT that needs medical care which she can't afford. I told her that if she was willing to foster the dog I would take care of the medical care expenses and put her up for adoption. So, she signed paper work to be a foster home and now I have to take care of that dogs health issues. UGH!

THEN I drove to the home that is fostering to adopt Ozzie and dropped off all the paper work. She has to be the nicest women ever. She is having a crazy day too so she is going to drop off the signed contract and the adoption fee to my vet this week.

I am hoping that Ozzie's adoption fee will cover at least SOME of the Eskimo's vet care...

Now I am home and need to take care of the dogs I have here and feed horse and then get ready to go to dinner.

UGH! I did so much today and seriously nothing really got accomplished.

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