Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I failed......

Spencer is coming back today. Not really because he was bad but because the cat wouldn't stop tormenting him.

The couple spoke to a friend who said that JRT's will kill cats. And a trainer who said the same things... I hate when people stereotype!

Can someone please let these JRTs know they can't live with cats???


Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

You TRIED with heartfelt intent :). Spencer's home is out there.

A.Marie said...

My Sheba LOVES LOVES LOVES our cats! I'm not sure the cats love him as much, but they co-exist quite well. Sheba's favorite thing to do is follow the cat all around the house...the cat is walking away and Sheba is just prancing alongside the cat, playfully nipping him, and the cat is looking at him like, "GO AWAY YOU STUPID DOG!"


nikolebn said...

Amy, you have NOT FAILED! dont these people have any patience? Please! whats it been 48 hours? give me a break! . if theyd give it time i am sure the dog and cat would figure it out. the cat is probably DECLAWED .

debbie said...

I can't say that Ed LOVES my 3 cats, and sometimes he's a little too "playful" (at which time the cat being teased will let him know playtime is OVER), but after he was with us for awhile everybody settled in and it's now been over 2 years. And the same has gone for Boomer, my Aussie/Lab mix. Ed will lay in my lap and will "share me" with the cat - Boomer, not so much yet! These people needed some patience!

Alex said...

Actually, nikolbn, the kitten is not declawed.

Marie said...

their loss. they don't deserve him then

Alexandra said...

nikolebn, I appreciate your concern about my kitten, Stan. He is not DECLAWED. My concern ran deeper. The situation was so intense that I took Stan to my sister's house.

Here is the deal:

1) We did not research how jrt's got along with cats before I emailed Amy and picked up Spencer. It was stupid.

2) My friend did tell me that jrt's kill cats. I mentioned it to Amy when we were at her farm. I expected her to tell me that was ridiculous. She did not. She paused and told me that Libby would kill cats. Not a good sign to me.

3) Spencer's listing said he was not good with cats. Amy told me she that the foster home said that because he chased farm cats. I could understand that. My husband's dog lady used to chase the farm cats at his grandmother's farm and I did not think it was a big deal.

4) Amy told me Spencer was good with her cats. I assumed they were house cats. I didn't know they lived in the upstairs of her barn and he went up there for short periods of time while on a leash.

5) When we first got home with Spencer, he had no interest in Stan. That lasted for a couple of hours. But Stan kept hissing at Spencer and batting at him. Spencer would get frenzied. He growled, showed his teeth and lunged at Stan. It scared the crap out of me.

6) The next day I did a google search on how to introduce a jrt to cats. The results scared me even more. There are a ton of storie online of jrt killing cats. One was from a woman who had a jrt and cat for 9 years. One day she came home and the cat was mauled.

7) I couldn't get ahold of the trainer Amy suggested. I contacted my vet and got his recommendation. I called that trainer and explained the situation. She had concerns because we didn't know how long Spencer had ever liven with a cat before.

8) I decided to take Stan to my sister's house.

9) My husband and I camp at a farm that his grandmother owns almost every weekend in the summer. There are many farm cats there. I feed them and often bring sick ones home (like Stan).

10) My husband and felt that the only way we would feel comfortable keeping Spencer would be to get rid of Stan. I love Stan along with the farm cats and I just couldn't do that.

11) My definition of patience is:
Walking Scot's dog, Lady, around the block every day even though her arthritis was so bad it would take 20 minutes. When she couldn't go anymore I would carry her. I also carried her up and down 3 steps to go outside. And when her organs started to fail, I cleaned up after her every morning and night because she would go in her sleep.

I also define patience as giving my cat Shale a shot of insulin twice a day for her diabetes along with her ashtma medication. I also cleaned up after her daily because she decided to poop right outside her box every day since we moved in this house.

But our decision about Spencer was about responsibility - to Stan and the farm cats.

We made mistake by not researching the cat issue first. Once we did, I could not justify the risk.

Dog Rescuer said...

Alex -

I do not blame you at all. Your responsibility was to your original pet. I failed Spencer again. I had him upstairs with me today while I was haying the horses and cleaning kitty litter.. he paid no attention to the cats. Even the one that ran.. I apparently have a random stray.

Stereotypes totally bum me out. Tonight I spent 3 hours trying to get a dog that was running up and down my street. At first I thought it was a pit bull. I said to my neighbor I think it is a pit bull, her eyes light up and she said don't get attacked. OMG! I hate stereotypes. Once I got really close to the dog I realized it was a boxer.

I am sorry Carol didn't get in touch with you. She has a cats and JRT's. And as you can see by the pictures there are other JRT that live happily with JRT's.

I can totally understand how it would freak you out. JRT's were breed to hunt small critters.. some will kill cats and some won't.

A.Marie said...

I agree with you about stereotypes; when we moved into this neighborhood (about 10yrs ago), one of the neighbor's had a white pit bull. OMG...I was so scared of that dog; I just knew that he would kill one of my kids, cats, dogs, or me!

Anyway, that was just stupidity on my part. That dog became such a pal of ours; we absolutely LOVED her and she loved us! She never hurt anybody in the neighborhood and when they had to find her a new home (because the couple was moving and getting a divorce..long story) I was so sad. I hugged that dog and kissed her goodbye. If I could have kept her, I would have.