Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reminder for all

Don't forget that it just as cold for your dog to be outside as you to be outside. Don't leave them out for longer then it takes for them to do their business. Dogs can get frost bite on their feet, ears, face....

Also, don't forget that the salt you use on your side walk to melt the ice can do some real damage to a dogs feet. Make sure to take a damp paper towel clean the pads and in between their toes and pads.

As for exercise find some good inside games you can play with your dog... Tug-a-war is a great game but only for dogs that are not aggressive or dominate. Dominate dogs or dogs with even mild aggression you should not play this game.

If you have a long hallway sit on the floor at one end and just toss the ball for your dog for 1/2 hour a day or 15 minutes twice a day.

Or now is the time to work on walking on a leash.. hook your do up on a leash and walk around the house practicing stopping, sitting, walking at your side (left side). Work on tricks.. sit, come, stay, give paw, speak, roll over... exercising a dog's brain is just as important.


jackdog3 said...

Thanks for the great tips Amy...really good stuff. We have 3 JRT's who are getting cabin fever.
It is just too cold for them to do much outside this week. We are playing with them in the house as much as possible to keep them busy so they don't start getting into things and a bored jrt can get into things!!Thanks for the great tips...What are other people doing during the winter to keep their dogs active?

jackdog3 said...

Thanks for the great tips Amy...good stuff!! We have 3 JRT's and they can get into lots of trouble if they don't get enough exercise. They are getting cabin fever with this cold weather but they don't want to spend much time outside. Trying to play with them in the house and keep them busy.
What are other people doing to keep their dogs busy and give them exercise this winter? Keep your dogs warm and safe this winter and hang in there...counting the days until Spring!!

Joanne said...

I bought about 6 or 7 plungers and I use them as weave poles down the hallway for my papillons and shih tzu. I also put a really light plastic stick on the top of books as a jump. They love it. We also play a lot of games with small tennis balls...I taught them to touch and not pick up, pick up only on the count of three (lookup Skidboot on google for that one). You mix up all the numbers, throw in odd numbers, make them back up, remind them that it is only allowed on 3. One of my guys is so proud of himself, he is always shoving the tennis ball in my face. Then there is the treat under the dishcloth or tin can game. There are a lot of games to play that require very little equipment and are a blast for the dogs.