Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dog update

Ok I am going to write this blog in a crazy order so I am apologizing now. I am being lazy and don't feel like changing the order in which the photos uploaded.. LOL!

SARAH - She was the mom Rat Terrier taken from Holmes County Pound in July after her owner dumped her and her 1 week old babies there. The babies were all adopted and Sarah was officially adopted on Jan 16, 2010! YAY!! They love her and she is finally HOME! What a long road for her to get there. Spencer - You all know the drama with this guy. Well he was adopted last Monday by a nice family who knows all of his story and crazy life thus far. I talked to them twice last week and all is going well.

Spotty - Not sure I have ever blogged about him but he is 10 years old. His owners supposedly kept him locked in a crate 23 hours a day for the last year because they moved and said he didn't like living in the city. That was one of MANY MANY MANY stories that we were told so God only knows the truth. He for sure had some issues when we first got him but thanks to Christie a volunteer and foster home, Spotty has come along way and is currently being fostered to adopt by the same family that adopted Skittles who is now named Axel.
We are all really excited about this home and excited for Spotty!
Kiwi - The sweetest, cutest, best behaved love of a dog you will ever meet is meeting a potential new mom tonight! All paws crossed for this little girl. We are really excited about this home too. Family seems great!

Punkin - This poor dog was taken from the shelter days before Thanksgiving. She has an abscessed tooth and to be spayed. The women was unable to afford the expensive medical and the only reason she took her from the shelter was to make sure she did not spend the holidays alone. SO that is where I come in. The women is now a foster home and Punkin is registered with our group. I am getting her all her medical care and then adopting her out. The women is going to keep her until a home is found!

Lucy - The dog who was horribly starved. She is doing well and gaining weight. April, a foster home who has her and was instrumental in her rescue is working with her. Lucy is deaf! However, she is the sweetest dog in the world and she isn't going to let that slow her down and neither are we!

Libby - She met a potential new family this weekend and her adoption is currently pending for Sunday.

Lenny - He is being returned because he pulls too much on the leash when he walks. Other then that he is a good boy. He is coming back on Sunday and the hopefully going to a foster home on Wed.

Bumper - Oh sweet Bumper! He is the blind guy I picked up last week??? He is cute, lovable and very good but was driving my dogs CRAZY! He is ALL puppy and just wanted to play. He went to a foster home on Sunday where they have 1 playful dog around his age and all is going well. Now if we can just find him a home. LOL!

CJ- Poor CJ! He was dumped on one of the coldest nights in January with a beagle, in a box outside of the pound. His teeth are so bad that he had surgery today and most were removed. He was neutered today too. He is so scared and so small.. only 12 pounds. He has scars in between his toes from standing in a wire cage. He was more then likely used as a puppy mill dog :-( Poor guy has never known love or compassion.
He is currently in a foster home learning what love and being treated nice is all about. He is starting to understand that when we reach for him it is not to hurt him but to pet him. He stared to wag his tail :-)

The following 5 babies were all dumped at the shelter after their owner died of cancer and her family didn't want to take care of the dogs.
There are actually 9 in total. 1 is horribly aggressive and will not be released by the shelter, the other 8 are all coming to my house so they can have a second chance. Of course NONE are fixed and 2 are prego and I believe 1 (not pictured) already had puppies... so I guess I am getting more then just 8... LOL!!

I think that is all that is going on with dogs lately........ LOL!


Dog Rescuer said...

never mind about Kiwi the person just backed out for the 9,000 time!

House of the Discarded said...

Good updates! I'm still incredulous over the stupid-ass reason Lenny is being returned. "He pulls too much on the leash"???


I had somebody who wanted to adopt one of my foster cats, but changed their mind when they noticed that the cat liked to sleep on the sofa. They didn't want a cat to be on the furniture. OMG! People are so stupid.

Dog Rescuer said...

they didn't want a cat that would be on the furniture.... so they really don't want a cat. LOL!