Friday, January 1, 2010


This week has been crazy. Good and bad I think.. LOL!! Christie and I rushed around like idiots to hurry up and get Phoebe up to me... (Christie and I live about 3.5 hours away from each other)... ASAP b/c the lady who was to adopter her wanted her right away. So, we busted our butts to get her and Tinkerbell to me on Tuesday.

Christie and I already have a transport set up for Saturday so we could have just wanted till Saturday but thought it would be nice for the puppies to get to their homes ASAP. Granted they have to come back to me on Monday 01/11/2010 because they still need to be fixed but at least they can have 2 weeks with their new families to start on a routine.

Anyway, the person who was to adopt Phoebe was to come Tuesday night....... long story short today is Friday and the lady told me yesterday something came up and she will call me in a week or two. In a week or two???!!! Phoebe better be in a home before then.. LOL!

Really bothers me that people don't value our time. I had 2 puppies and 8 adult dogs in my house since Tuesday. Puppies are great one at a time. Poor things I locked them in my laundry room while I was at work Wed and over night Wed night. MISTAKE. They had a poop dancing contest. It was everywhere... walls, door, each other. Not sure who one the contest but I was not happy when I woke Thursday morning.. LOL!!

Tinkers family is coming today at 2pm to pick her up. And Phoebe went to a foster home. YAY! Really they are both very good just 2 of them is a bit much.

Then to add to everything I am babysitting a dog for the weekend... hey what is one more.. LOL!

Tomorrow the transport is still be running b/c I am getting Bandit and a new dog Libby. Bandit was being fostered by Andrea. Here is how the transport goes

Andrea picked up Libby from the shelter took her home. She then drove Bandit and Libby to Christie. Christie is keeping them 2 nights and then driving to Columbus. Christie is meeting Claire who is then driving from Columbus to meet me Saturday afternoon. Bandit and Libby are then coming back to my house. Libby is staying at my house but Bandit is going Tuesday morning to the clinic and will be till Friday.

The following Saturday I am driving back down towards Columbus to take Bandit and Banjo to meet someone (haven't figured out who yet) to drive them to Columbus to meet Christie who will then take them home. Banjo is meeting a potential home on Saturday or Sunday whatever Christie arranges and Bandit is going back to Andrea.

Confused yet????? Now see why it is annoying when people back out last minute on adoptions??!! I mean I realize if you meet the dog and don't like him/her you aren't going to adopt but not even meeting the dog. Makes me want to cry!

On top of all this craziness I am trying to figure out how to get the skinny dog from Paulding County. At least the dog warden there seems to be cool and is helping out a bit.

And I am going to be getting in a blind JRT this week. I am just waiting for all the dogs that need to be adopted and moved around to get to where they are going b/c blind dog is going to need some TLC.

Buster is getting picked up tomorrow for foster to adopt home. And Spencer is getting picked up today for a foster home. That will make life a bit easier.

Dover has someone interested in him, I think we are going to meet up Sunday and then he goes Tuesday to get neutered with Bandit.

Awww can't wait till Tuesday night.. I will have my 4, Piper and Libby here. That will be a nice break till Friday.. LOL!!!

Oh and the blind dog.. I need to make arrangements to get him.. maybe I will pick him up on Wed. It isn't far from work so I can go in the middle of the day. I hope.

Just another day or coordinating.. LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when reading about the puppies' poop contest though I cringed inwardly as well. I can well imagine how unpleasant that must have been for you.
Thank you for all of the confusing, frustrating coordination you do in order to save these dogs. I love reading your blog when I get the chance.