Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping no matter what

My best friend's dog passed away on Wed. My best friend, Liz and her now husband, Jeff got Blue a Husky from the APL when they were dating. The moved into a house together and got Blue. Blue was 4 years old when they got her. She was an owner surrender to the APL along with another Husky. Blue was grey and white and the other Husky was a red and white. Blue and the other dog were very attached to each other but they could only have 1 dog.

Blue was a great dog but had her "issues" She was HORRIBLY afraid of thunder. She would go crazy and totally tare up the house. Liz and Jeff went from renting to buying to getting married to having a baby to now pregnant with their second. They have had their financial issues with trying to make ends meet with Liz being in school and Jeff being in school and then when Liz had their first child she did not go back to work.

Blue had to be on medication when there was a thunder storm. She had eaten all the trim around their basement door, their sliding door, one time she jumped out of a window, another time she jumped through the screen door.. through GLASS, she freaked out in a crate a hurt herself more then once. She was great with the house cat but any cat on the property look out :-( Skunks often entered the yard and it resulted in Liz having to deal with a stinky dog. The last time Blue got skunked it was raining, cold, Jeff was out of town for the weekend and the baby was not feeling well. What a head ache.

Oh and Blue had strange eating habits. They always had a hard time to get her to eat. The old rule of just leave the food down they will eat eventually.. not Blue. I honestly think she missed having another dog around. Liz had to put water on her food, warm it, add a little soft food. I mean this was the pickiest dog I have ever met in my life!

Despite all of the craziness that they dealt with do you know never ever, not one time did I ever hear Liz or Jeff say how they were going to get rid of Blue. Even though keeping her meant they had to sacrifice things just to feed her.

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NoviceLife said...

KUDOS to this couple! The world needs more people like them!